Make Yourself Happy!

 Do you find yourself determining your actions based on what others think (or what you think they are thinking)? Do you pattern your actions around making others happy? Or, at least not having them be unhappy with you? I know this has been an issue for me in my life, especially in the past but even this past weekend when I found out that my trainer, Dan, was going to go to New York to surprise me. I felt crushed that I had made the decision not to go and didn't consider him. Well, if you look at it closely (which I wasn't really emotionally able to do at that time) - how on earth could I have considered him since he hadn't told me he was going. It's probably just as well (as he's repeatedly told me) that I didn't know because then I made my decision from within my heart. Read this quote from Abraham and see what I mean:

It is not your role to make others happy; it is your role to keep yourself in balance. When you pay attention to how you feel and practice self-empowering thoughts that align with who-you-really-are, you will offer an example of thriving that will be of tremendous value to those who have the benefit of observing you.

You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" # 617

By being in balance and having my emotions balanced it will be easier for me (and you too) to affect others without any effort. People can sense where you're coming from. They really can sense if you're in alignment and even if they can't articulate it, they feel it. And if they can't put their finger on it, they really do act accordingly. If they sense you're out of balance/out of alignment, they might steer away from you. If they sense you're in alignment, they will be drawn to you like a magnet. Your sense of alignment and resultant happiness will attract them to you. And in being attracted they will be positively affected by your positive vibrations.

Remember the second part of the quote - this is priceless. You can feel badly about people who are suffering (they're poor, ill, lost their homes in Superstorm Sandy or some other natural disaster) but what good will you do them if you become homeless to be "like them"? You can't help them at all can you? You can't become ill and have that illness take away some of someone else's illness. It doesn't work that way. You do the most good for yourself and others if you are in alignment, in balance, if your vibrations are as high on the emotional scale as possible and you emanate calmness and happiness. That type of  vibration is much more beneficial than feeling as if you should be like them - whatever their circumstances.

What can you do today to raise your vibration? Maybe you're not happy with the election results - what can you do to rise above that since you can't influence it now - you did all you could if you voted. Maybe you're still very sad because of the effects of Superstorm Sandy - what can you do positively (internally and externally) to raise your vibration regarding that situation. It does no good to sit around and feel helpless. If you're far away and have already donated whatever it is you feel you can, then try raising your vibration thinking of the will and determination of all the people enduring this event AND those helping the people who have had to experience this. Send positive energy to the East Coast. Make it a part of your daily routine to figure out where you are on certain things and see how you can start feeling better about it. Do NOT tell the same story and fall into all the negative conversations at work or the gym or wherever. Your job is to rise above all that negativity.

Remember - make yourself happy first - it is NOT your job to make others happy.

What is it you're going to change today? And how? Let us know below....


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