7 Aspects – Creation & Life Force

Today God is still creating. This energy source is still creating. In the past 50 years, what has been created? Television? Radio? Spaceships? iPods? All of the electronic things we have are a creation of God using the energy of somebody’s mind who said, “I believe I can make something different.”

Everything that has ever been created came out of a human mind in order to make some kind of discovery, like medications, transportation and everything you can think of.

How in the world can we then condemn anything as being wrong rather than saying, “It is the use of it that makes it harmful to people”?

The H-Bomb is harmful to people. It was a creation out of God’s mind, probably to stop or prevent something that would have been worse later on. This sounds a little bit strange. Bear with me for a minute.

Just suppose that the bomb had not been created when it was by the United States. Suppose it waited 10 years, and every country had it. The whole world would have been annihilated. That would have been worse.

Just suppose that the ideas, thoughts and feelings that brought about television, radio and space things were not created at the time. We would have been backwards, as was the world before it began to develop into so many brilliant people who are able to create and say, “I can put this together to make this.”

Creation comes out of people’s minds to put stuff together to make something new. As a child when you were playing with mud pies, if you saw some little rocks, you put them in and called them raisins or pecans. If you had muddy water, you would call it iced tea.

You were beginning to create. When these creations began to come about, the life force began to move through somebody as a creative force.


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