7 Aspects – Life in Your Body

Life in your body brings about health and wholeness. I want to go back to something I said before about “what we see is what we get.”

One of talk I gave at INTA (International New Thought Alliance) was on the mistakes we make in the New Thought movement. One of them is that we get into healing. Everybody does a healing. They say, “We need a healing over here. This church has to be healed. They don’t get along well. This school has to be healed. All of the kids in Colorado have to be healed.”

They look at somebody and see them as sick. If I see you as sick, I’m doing you a great disservice. My job, and all of our jobs, is to see people in perfect health, to look beyond the efforts in a person’s life and see that person as whole, happy, healthy and free. That’s our job. That way we can change people. That’s the prayer work we do.

If we look at people and see them sick, what are we giving life to? Sickness. If we look at ourselves and see ourselves as sick, weak or in pain, we are giving life to that within us that we don’t want to see. We give life to the things that we want.

Spend the next couple of minutes giving life. “I give life to my body, and it is healthy. I give life to my relationships, and they are healthy. I give life to my family, and they are healthy. I give life to my bank account, and it is healthy.”

Do you see the difference in saying “health” versus “sick”? If you said you bank account was sick, it would mean no money. It’s lack. Sickness is lack of health. Sick is lack of money, lack of time, lack of love in your relationships or lack of anything.

We change that around and say “give life to a healthy body, mind and relationships.” Then we stop ever seeing anything as sick. We begin to practice what we preach.


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