7 Aspects – Life – Struggle….

Struggle gives us things to overcome. That’s a big key. As children, a lot of us were taught that it is overcoming that gives us the glory of God to work through. Then we can praise God for helping us overcome.

Emma Curtis Hopkins says in her book, Class Lessons of 1888, “It is not spiritual to overcome. It is spiritual to not have to overcome.” That’s a big difference.

As soon as something begins to happen in your life, immediately say, “I put life into the goodness of this.” If all of a sudden you see discord in relationships, say, “I put life into this relationship. I put life into this person.”

If you put life into your children, they get smarter. That’s a big key. If you put life into your body, it gets healthier. If you put life into your bank account, it gets richer. Lavish supply does not mean money. It’s whatever it takes to make your life whole, happy, healthy and complete.


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