Influential Laws/Beliefs That Govern Your Life – Part 2

rule 2Law of Mind Action

This is step two in the process of understanding the Spiritual Laws.

Deliberately change a belief system. Do this through denials and affirmations or even consider EFT or other clearing techniques that people teach.

You can get rid of the garbage that we don’t want by saying “That is not my truth. I do not choose to believe that any longer. It is limiting to me. I know that the only thing that limits me is my beliefs about myself.”

For example - my parents won’t let me change he way I think - that is not a true statement. You may believe it. They may have a lot of sway over you. They may have lots of thoughts that they have put in your head. But nobody can control your thinking. You can change your thinking without even realizing it, which will also change your attitude and perspective on things. It gives you greater possibilities of things you can do and things you want to do.

It goes back to how much we want to accept as our responsibility, what we want to do versus what someone else has told us we can do or should do.

Take a phrase such as “You’re a woman so you can’t make a lot of money”. Analyze it. Then ask:

  • “What does that have to do with it?"
  • "Who’s my authority on that?"
  • "My mother?"
  • "Did my mother work?"
  • "Did she really know what was going on in the work force?"
  • "Did she have the capabilities?"
  • "Was she a woman of the age that she was supposed to stay home and be barefoot and pregnant all the time?”

When you begin to evaluate this you say “No, that’s not the way I live. That’s not what I am. I have more. I have more thoughts. I have more opportunities.” Begin to make that change in your awareness.

Any time something comes up which gives you a feeling of lack or limitation in your life, or something that is hard to do or somebody’s interfering with your accomplishment, use a denial on it.

“That’s not my truth. Nobody can interfere with me. Nobody can interfere with my success but me. Nobody can interfere with my ideas, my thoughts, my intelligence.”

You don’t necessarily have to wait for something “bad” to happen in your life to use denials. Look at your life and see what has not worked. Have you had anything in your life that didn’t work, that you’d like to improve? What’s in your past that represents lack, limitation or difficulty. That’s how you identify a problem. Do I believe it’s OK for me to have money? Do I believe that I can have good relationships in my life? If I’ve been married 16 times, whose problem is that?

Identify 3-5 people in your life and identify the best thigns about those people. The ones they like - what are their characteristics? This is what we want to set our goals toward. That gives us an identity.

Then Identify 5 people you dislike the most. What qualities do you dislike? These are goign to be things you want to look at and clear from yourself. If it’s being late and you don’t like that say “I am never late. This is not in my consciousness. Therefore, I do not attract to me people who are late.” Follow that with “I always attract people who are on time”. You’ll find that the less you let it bother you, the more productive you are at finding people who are in agreement with what you believe/like.

What is limiting in you? What causes you unhappiness?

  • “I know who I am and I know where I’m going” - this is to counter the negative affirmations we’ve made (I don’t know where I’m going in life, for example).
  • “I have a strong immune system. I am never sick. I never get sick.” This counters all the TV ads about the “cold and flu season” which are bombarding your subconscious and priming it to get sick.
  • “I always have money to meet everything I need to do.”
  • “Nothing and nobody can interfere with me, not even myself”.

Continue to examine your thoughts and words - look for contradictions like “I want to be successful but I don’t know if I’m willing to take the time and effort to do it.”

Recognition/awareness is the key. Who was your authority? If you recognize that that person infused you with these ideas, you can clear many limiting beliefs at one time.

Take this action now:

  • Write down what's been working for you in your life
  • Write down what hasn't been working for you
    • - Identify 3-5 people you admire
  • Write down the qualities they have that you wish you had (or had more of)
    • - Identify 3-5 people you don't like
  • Write down the characteristics they exhibit that you don't want to have in your life - either in your personality or around you
  • Create denials/affirmations such as "there is no poverty in my life. I am prosperous and abundant", "There is no impatience in my life. I have patience whenever needed but my life is such that I never even need to exercise patience", etc
  • Write these denials/affirmations down and say them at least twice a day (preferably three times).
  • Start journaling and see what changes in your life.


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