A Week of Lists…Today – 7 Gifts You’ve Received This Year

Checklist concept - checklist, paper and fountain penEverywhere you look there's lists - 7 ways to lose 20 pounds overnight, 10 ways to make your family comfortable during the winter, 3 steps to having the shortest wait in line....etc etc.

So I decided that this would be the week of lists (it's actually 9 days), starting with the day before Christmas (a day of birth no matter what your religious beliefs) and ending on the 1st of January. Why? Because taking an inventory in this way is very helpful for you to start the new year off right. I also will be putting out two things in this coming week - 1) a special report on "New Beginnings, Not New Resolutions" and 2) information on what's coming in 2016 for Getting Unstuck, LLC and me.

These list ideas will only take you a few minutes to do but they will help you develop a great inventory and plan for what you want next year.

7 Gifts You've Received This Year

This first list is appropriate since tomorrow is traditionally the day of giving gifts. But before you start receiving the gifts from friends and loved ones, take out a piece of paper and write down 7 gifts you've received this year.

Remember that a gift does NOT have to be a material one. It may be the gift of love, the gift of friendship, the gift of health, the gift of spiritual awakening, and on and on.

Put down the 7 most important gifts you were given in 2016. After you've listed them, take several minutes to express gratitude for these wonderful gifts. Say it out loud if you are in a place where you can. If not, say your "Gratitudes" silently.

Enjoy this week of lists!


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