Act “As If” – Bring Home That Oscar

act as if ticketsYou've heard this all before but it's so important to help change our lives. I also thought it was good timing since we just had the Emmy Awards. However, this concept should be applied all year round.

You have to "act as if xxxxx" and you fill in the blanks for the x's. For instance, if you want to be prosperous, you have to act prosperous. If you want to be loving or having loving relationships, you have to act as if you are loving or in a loving relationship.

This is very similar to visualization but it's the external application in a sense. When you visualize, you see your success in your mind's eye. When you "act as if", you behave as if you already have whatever it is you want. And you should do this anyway because you DO already have it (the Universe has manifested if for you, you just have to materialize it now by allowing it into your life). So, if the Universe has delivered it to your doorstep why not do something that gets you closer to the door so you can open it and find that it's sitting there on your doorstep. You can place your order from a magazine, pay for it, the company fills the order and sends it, the delivery company delivers it to your doorstop. But you might think you didn't receive it because you haven't opened your door yet to look on the front porch. One little thing changes your entire view.

So, start acting right now. If you want to be more prosperous, learn about the Wallet Process and the Prosperity Game. These are simple and easy methods to improve your situation. This doesn't mean to just go spending all your money assuming that more will come in. But don't be thinking every minute that you can't afford this or that or that you wish you could afford something. That is focusing on the lack. When you walk by a car dealer that has cars you might like, stand up straight and think about yourself sitting in that car (in fact, you should go in and shop and sit in the car and feel as if it's yours, smelling the new car smell). I had a friend that finally broke down and bought a new car which she had hesitated doing since she only drove about 3 miles a day. She said it make a phenomenal difference in her outlook because just driving the new car made her feel so prosperous. You can start that process simply by getting in or even taking it for a test drive. You don't have to buy it. Tell the sales person that you're interested but not ready to decide yet. Don't get caught in the "I can't afford it" blues when you're talking to the Sales people. Just let them know you're in the beginning stages and don't want any pressure.

Use the Wallet Process - put a $100 (or a $50) bill in your wallet - don't worry - you're not going to spend it. Then when you pass a store and see something you'd like to have, in your mind imagine and visualize yourself paying for that object with the money in your pocket. Keep doing this over and over. Soon you'll feel really prosperous - spending as much as you want on whatever you want! And you still have that bill in your pocket.

If you want to have great relationships, act as if your relationships are already where you want them to be. If you're looking for a partner, then make sure that there is space in your house for that person. Rhonda Byrne in "The Secret" talked about a woman who was desirous of finding her life partner and it never happened so she just assumed that the Law of Attraction didn't work (or at least didn't workdirector chair act as if for her). But when asked, she realized there was no space in her house for a partner to move in. Her two car garage was filled with "stuff" on one side and her dressers had clothes in every drawer. The closets were all full. So where was the partner supposed to "live". Once she cleaned out space for someone new in her life and continued her visualizations and Law of Attraction practices, a man came into her life quickly. She was "acting as if".

Act confident if you want a new job - that's not the same as haughty. Just feel self-assured and knowledgeable. Clean your desk (don't make it obvious to others that you're planning on leaving - just be cleaning up). Get organized. Perhaps get a new wardrobe depending on what you'll need at the new job. Read books that are in line with this new employment.

Get the picture? See what you can do. Focus on having what you want and acting as if you've opened the door to receive your package. Do not focus on the lack!

Let us know what you do and how it works.



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4 thoughts on “Act “As If” – Bring Home That Oscar

  1. I guess I should go get my Kokopelli tatoo now?
    I was re-reading your “Life is like an ultramarathon” in relation to the “Law of Gestation.” Thought I’d mention I signed up for Desert RATS, a 6 day stage race on the Kokopelli trail in Utah. It is beyond training and into the metaphysics to complete the expedition.

    • Yes Laura – you should get your tatoo now but if that seems too bold, you can always visualize it being there. You will do well. Remember though, that the Law of Gestation means that you’ve trained properly (which knowing you, you have) and are running injury free and have trained your mind (which is what you’re saying). It sounds like you’ve got all the components working together so there is no reason you should not succeed. You planned for this perfectly! When is the race?

      • Not til June 2015!
        I signed up so early in case it sells out. But now I realize I have stated a commitment to the universe. A decision: Kokopelli instead of cancer. As a metaphysician, maybe you get that. Gestation is the next 9 months.
        Between now and then, I do have a 55 hour race. I’m not so worried about that anymore but it will be a fun way to do New Years Eve.

        • No, I don’t get the decision between Kokopelli or cancer. There are many other choices. The 55 hour run will go fine and you’ll do well now that you’re free of the worry about it. That is the key to everything. To prepare well enough physically and then work to remove the worry from the mind. I believe that is the harder of the two when endurance events are involved. Good Luck!