Affirmations Are a Form of Command

The daily practice of verbal and silent affirmation is the simplest way of invoking the law of command to create good. In fact, the use of affirmations is such a simple way of bringing forth rich results that many people mistrust it, looking for a more complicated path to prosperity.

The word “affirm” means “to make firm”. Through verbally affirming or declaring the good you want, rather than continuing to talk about what you don’t want, you begin to make firm in the mind and in the invisible ethers the good you desire. as you continue to affirm the desired good, it rushes forth as a visible result.

Never ever under estimate  the power of your words. You make your world with your words. If you don’t like the world you previously made with words of discord, lack, limitation and hard times, you can begin building a new world of limitless good and prosperity by changing your words of command.

Try taking affirmative statements that meet your needs and declare them over and over verbally for at least 15 minutes or perhaps for 5 minutes three times a day (you can even break that down more by doing a set of affirmations at a stoplight or in traffic or while walking from the parking lot to the store etc - that will help keep them in your mind more). If you can’t say them aloud, write them out dozens of times.

One general but effective affirmation is: “I love the highest and best in all people. I now draw to myself the highest and best people” - this could mean customers, clients, patients, friends, etc.

Or this: “Everything and everybody prospers me now and I prosper everything and everybody now.”

What do you have to lose by trying these two simple affirmations. I can tell you that repeated use of affirmations will make a difference in your life.

Remember though, that we are not advocating that you ONLY do affirmations. Although they will make a difference in your life, there are many other aspects as we’ve covered in the past few weeks that will open your mind to receive what you are affirming.

Do me a favor - just say these for a few weeks. See what happens. Let me know.


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