Affirmations from The Psychology of Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Here are some affirmations from The Psychology of Self-fulfilling Prophecies. Pick one a week (the one that strikes you the most or one in an area you really want to concentrate on), write it on a 3x5 card and say it over and over again all through the week!


Prophecies for Personal Growth

1. My superconscious mind elevates my ever increasing potential. I open my mind to receive the ideas, the people, the accomplishments, the new friends, and I joyfully do the work I came to do.

2. I expect great things from the universe and the universe helps me to accomplish great things.

Prophecies for permanent health
1. I am lifted to new heights as every cell of my body is rejuvenated, transformed, and adjusted to its perfect expression of health. This action has already begun and is divinely completed right now.

2. My body is filled with the light of health. I am a glorious example of perfection.

Prophecies for loving relationships
1. I am cherished and pampered by the universe. I receive miraculous benefits.

2. I immerse myself in the friendly energy of life, joy, peace, love, and my gratitude overflows.

Prophecies for increased income
1. I joyfully share my own special talents and I reap enormous blessings.

2. My mind is open to thousands of businesses and people who are my channels of income. I receive gratefully.

Prophecies for permanent safety
1. Everywhere I am is safety to all. My safety expands to cover all people and all things. I join the Light of the world as I move over the planet to create peace everywhere.

2. The Spirit of Love goes before me to remove any and all things that interfere with my safety.

Prophecies for peace of mind
1. I am so filled with peace of mind that nothing can disturb me. I am safe, protected, surrounded with love, I experience wonderful health and I radiate serenity.

2. My peace of mind determines my receiving. I love my inner spirit unconditionally.

Prophecies for joyful surprises
1. I love wonderful surprises. Good events, gifts, money, flow to me as I receive the glory of the universe which is even now being poured into my experience.

2. I am always treated like royalty with courtesy, admiration, joy, generosity, love and overwhelming gratitude.

Prophecies for happiness
1. I am a radiant light of joy bringing life into every heart and mind. I love being a stimulator of the activity of success within all people everywhere.

2. Joy overflows within my heart and reaches out to bless everyone who is in my mental and physical reach. I think and they feel my touch.

Prophecies for Inspiration
1. I receive new and wonderful ideas for me to do. They are always easy, financially productive, and come with the effective people who are to assist me in getting them to the public.

2. I awaken every morning with wealth in my world, joy in my life, health in my body, peace in my soul, love in my heart and inspiration in my mind. My gratitude overflows.

I am the consciousness of millionaires and I accept my true place now.

I feel immediate transformation in the glorious experience of my life.

My friends and family recognize the dramatic changes in my attitude, my wealth, and my peace…. and are happy for me.

I hear frequent words that insure other people have seen my glorious change to total success.

My integrity is acknowledged and praised by every person I am in contact with.

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