Affirmations from The Science of Getting Rich

As usual, Anne gave some terrific affirmations during our six week course on “The Science of Getting Rich” so I thought I would share them. Normally we don’t share these with people if they have not been on the teleseminar but I felt they were valuable for everyone. They also serve to demonstrate that “The Science of Getting Rich” is not just about money.

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Here’s the affirmations:

I develop my faculties of wisdom, strength, joy, integrity, love, imagination and quickly and easily reach my goals.

I am always aware of new opportunities provided to me for my wealth, grace and comfort.

My healthy body is a result of my continuing growth in my affirmative words and thoughts.

My faith is so strong that I let nothing and nobody interfere with my awesome success. Not even myself.

I fully recognize that I AM THE LAW UNTO MYSELF. I keep my law filled on my goals, my wealth, my health and my loving relationships. All is wonderful in my life.

Wisdom in me dissolves all limiting belief systems.  I now have only wisdom flowing through my mind, my body and all that concerns me.  I think clearly, I speak clearly, I hear clearly.  All is well in my decisions.
I choose to have permanent  only in that person, place or idea  which leads me to more productive results.
A charmed life  establishes new and wonderful experiences that grow even better as I expand my ability to receive.
Substance increasingly provides me with all I wish to have.  I choose to give lavishly, spend lavishly, save, lavishly and invest lavishly.  All is well.
The  Power of the univese pours through me into all decisions and activities to be done by me.

“I am the  power of attorney for my own experience. I am my own authority of choice.  I always choose wisely in all my concerns.”
Each day I  will stretch myself to think bigger, act stronger, be wiser, and accept more. 
Each night before going to sleep I will tell myself  “this was a very good day.”
I constantly develop stronger habits of kindness, generosity, joy, peace, courtesy and appreciation to all.     

The richer I am, the more I can give.
I always have plenty to give, plenty to share and plenty to spare.
Money comes to me even before I know how I wish to spend it.
I always have a large Divine Surplus of all I choose to have.
The wealth of my soul provides my constant increase in joy, peace, money, health and happiness.
I FEEL the wealth of my soul as Divine Surprises.

I am blessed, adored and prospered by the universe.

My strong immune system provides me with perfect health.

I am always at the right place at the right time to receive love, honors, gratitude and wealth.

I give lavishly to the universe and the universe gives lavishly to me.

I am surrounded by important people because I am an important person.

Reveal to me an idea in mind that would be most beneficial for me to transform.

Reveal to me and idea of body that would be most beneficial for me to enhance.

Reveal to me and idea in Spirit that would be most beneficial for me to feel.



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