Anne’s 10 Step Formula for Success!

As you know, Dr. Anne Kunath has taught metaphysics for nearly 40 years now. She has studied the masters of metaphysics (and I think she is one of those masters herself). She is presenting to INTA (International New Thought Alliance) this week and part of her topic is how the old New Thought Leaders were able to accomplish so much - and in many cases, so much more than what the current Leaders are accomplishing. She has come up with a 10 step system - her formula for success. At Everyday New Thought Membership Site we will be delving into each of these steps in a special course over the coming months. And, in fact, the material is all available in our teleseminars - all of which are on the Membership Site for replay at your leisure.  Today is the LAST day for the Charter Membership Price. Tomorrow it goes from $15.00 a month to $27.00 a month. There is 30 day trial period for $1.00 so it behooves you to sign up for that to lock in the $15.00 a month price - but you have to do it today!

Take Anne’s formula and apply it to your life and magic will happen - The Magic of Metaphysics!

1. Understand the basic principles of energy
    a. There is an energy that permeates the universe
    b. This energy is good.
    c. It is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omniactive.
    d. It moves in and through the minds of humans.
    e. This energy goes by many names.  “Christ within, Substance, Spirit, Principle”

2. Substance is Passive.

3. Where you are in consciousness will continue until you choose to change.

4. If you judge any person, thing or situation, your world becomes what you have judged.

5. There are Spiritual Laws that affect every person.

6. In order to make a change, you apply the appropriate spiritual law.

7. Love the Law.

8. Understand the Metaphysical Interpretation of the Trinity.

9. Accept yourself as a Mature son or daughter of God/universe/spirit/Christ within/Principle rather than a child of God (when you ask, beg or plead).

10. Acknowledge your responsibility! IF YOU RECEIVE AN IDEA IT IS YOUR TO DO.!

This formula is what Anne’s talking about at INTA this week. It’s a composite of her nearly 40 years of teaching Metaphysics. How can you go wrong with all her years of success?


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