Anne's INTA Report!

INTA as always, was a fantastic event.   This year was wonderful beyond words.  (I say that every year)           

We had 4 days of fun.  I like to say what I most liked about the Congress.  This year it was a tie on everything.   Leaders of each of the New Thought Organizations were speakers. The music was the best ever.  The afternoon workshops were informative.  Everything was well attended.  The banquet used the same theme that we used in 2000 when we hosted the Congress in 2000 with similar decorations of a Western theme.  Everyone was encouraged to wear western clothes…. especially at the Banquet where Country/western music and dancing was provided.
What I liked most of all was the time we had between speakers to renew friendships, make new ones, welcome and introduce ourselves to people attending for the first time and just enjoy the company. 

 The whole experience was delightful and I am already looking forward to next year.  As soon as we have date and location I will put them here so all of you can plan on attending.  
And by the way, I’m back on the INTA Executive Board after my 1 year of vacation. So,   I will be there with you.  

I hope you all have been listening to the new series of Working With The Law based on the book by Raymond Holliwell. Combining the time it took for me to make it and the time it took for Terrie to do all she has to do to put it on our web page,  I hope you listen to it several times.  

This morning I was talking to another person about the number of times we had read the same book or listened to the same c.d. over and over again and each time heard something new.  It is amazing how each time we read or listen, we get to a new and different level of understanding.  I still listen over and over to anything and everything and reread the same books over and over.  Each time I hear or read something new. Or, understand something better.  

Next week I’m attending the Divine Science Convention in Kansas City all week.  Will have more to report after then.,



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