Another Great Golden Key Miracle

I am simply amazed at how well (and easily) this thing works. I wrote about my other Golden Key miracle helping avoid any possibility of identity theft. That was phenomenal by itself. Ok, maybe you skeptics would want to chalk it up to “coincidence”. But two coincidences in one week? As each event goes by, I am becoming a greater supporter of Emmet Fox.

Earlier this week, I was talking to my neighbor and he told me that two of his dogs had escaped during a rainstorm (5 days prior) and had not come back no matter how hard they looked and put ads in the paper etc. He was pretty sure they had been picked up by someone (that happens alot in San Antonio). He said his other dog was lonely and his boys were crushed.

I (being a pet wimp) was very saddened and decided to use the Golden Key. So, for two days I did my Golden Key routine whenever I thought about them.

Two to three nights later, I thought I heard them barking but it was too late to go see. Then, yesterday I thought they were barking too.

This a.m. as I was going out for a walk (to listen to Anne’s teleseminars on my MP3 player which I do every morning when I go to the gym), I saw him. “Did your dogs come back?” I asked.

“Yes, he said” I silently cheered and raised my fist in glory like a football star.

“What happened?” I really wanted to know.

“Someone found them 6 miles away and turned them into the police who took them to the pound. Someone there had seen the ad and called”.

OK, the skeptics will simply ask what’s so unusual about that.

San Antonio is overrun with animals  and the “pounds” here are never called “humane” - they are “kill shelters” and most animals do not last more than 24-48 hours. My other neighbor went to look for her daughter’s cat (strange how I forgot to Golden Key that one - can you tell I have dogs? Evil poking. ).

The fact that these dogs lasted more than 48 hours in the shelter by itself is amazing. Then you add to it that someone who had seen their ad was working at the shelter AND remembered seeing the ad. To me, that’s alot more than coincidence.

So, use your Golden Key and know that it will work. 🙂 - If you’d like to know more about it contact me at gettingunstuck

Have a great day.




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