Are You a Slow Learner? What’s LIfe Trying To Tell You?

slow learner Generally when things keep "going wrong" there is a message that you're supposed to be getting. What usually happens, though, is that we don't pay attention. We don't slow down enough to actually "hear" what that message is.

So, then we go along and repeat the exact same action - as they say - we just "rinse and repeat". Guess what? The Universe will deliver whatever it is we're paying attention to and focusing on. More of the same comes our way.

Instead of just walking along blindly, falling into the same hole over and over again, slow down or even stop and take a look at what life is trying to tell you. What are you supposed to be hearing? Could it be that you should be more patient? How about less judgmental and more accepting? Maybe you need to learn how to say "no". Maybe you have to develop outside interests. Maybe you need to pay more attention to your health. Any of these and more are possibilities.

Eventually the Universe will get your attention. But you really don't want it to get this far, do you? Why experience so much more misery? If you could slow down, listen and make on the spot corrections, then your life could be so much more simple and happy. It's "ok" to have one bad experience but why go through it so many times?

When you do stop and take some inventory, you will most likely uncover many of your limiting beliefs. Frequently people who experience abuse repeatedly are either a product of abusive childhoods or believe that they deserve to be punished - for just about anything and everything. This is a significant limiting belief and unless you uncover it and work to get rid of it, you really will just repeat history.

  • Figure out what's happened to make you unhappy at this particular moment.
  • Swallow your pride and listen to what others have to tell you about the cause - even if you have to hear that you're not the greatest at something or that you have a fault that warrants correction. Although it's not easy to hear that now, it's much better than to experience the same tragedy over and over again.
  • Evaluate what others have told you. Put it up against what you think might be going wrong. Was it you? Was it someone or something else? But always remember that we attract EVERYTHING into our lives and it's our job to figure out what that was and why we keep attracting it. That's where a large majority of your time should be spent.
  • When you've made that evaluation list, examine it and see if you can uncover some of your limiting beliefs? What are they? Go as deep as you can. Do you feel unworthy of love or money? If so, why?
  • Once you've discovered these limiting beliefs see if you can identify other events in your life that were based on the same limitations.
  • Write down the limiting beliefs (or other reasons you think this has happened).
  • What are you going to do about it? What actions are you going to take? Maybe you admit that you have to take responsibility for what's happened and you make an attempt to change the actions or thoughts that have caused the problem.
  • Start a book of positive aspects if it involves other people. Remember to write at least 3 things a day about the other person. I think you can also try this for a situation too even though it was developed for problems with people.
  • The important thing is to journal (even if it's just jotting short notes) of what happens, what you think, how you're changing (or not), what you want to keep doing, and what the results are. Write it all down so you can learn from it later.

Try this and stop being a slow learner. Move up the ladder in life by making the changes.


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