Are You Afraid of Growing Old?

afraid of growing old 2If you said "no" when you read the subject line of this post, you should ask yourself if you were being honest. The majority of people are actually afraid of getting old. And as usual, the media does absolutely nothing to change that. They make it worse. Think of the ads you see of people falling and needing to push a button to get help or the ads about medicare supplement programs (this hit me this past year - it seemed like every 5 minutes they were talking about what you don't get with Medicare - which is actually true but I didn't need to have it crammed down my throat every minute of every waking day).

There are so many other media discussions of age and mostly in pictures so that even if you turned the sound down, you would still have the visuals there bothering you and being embedded in your subconscious. Then there are the "news" reports of age discrimination, special organizations for "old" people, special diseases "old" people get, etc.

The best way to avoid that is to stop watching TV - which we recommend for many other reasons too. However, you will still be exposed to these themes. So what do you do?

First you can use my favorite two sayings:

1) That is not my truth.

2) Nothing and no one can interfere with my prosperity, well-being and peace of mind, not even myself.

Every time you start to think about getting old and the "bad" things that seem to go along with it, use one of these phrases, if for no other reason than to get your mind off that thought. Say one of the phrases (or even both) over and over again until you've become calm and relaxed and can think about something else.

Remember that we create our own realities and if we see ourselves as characters in those ads, then that is what we will become.

Try writing down your beliefs about getting old. List them on a piece of paper or in your success (or even gratitude) journal. Then decide which of those beliefs you want to change. Then try EFT (emotional freedom technique) or some other clearing method (denials are also simple to use) to clear the old beliefs. Bottom line is you want to change your momentum and start thinking about the great things that come with age. Use the 68 second process about the cool things that go along with moving along in years - retirement, vacations, traveling etc.

Stop thinking about your age and that of others. Don't even make jokes about "at my age" (I find myself doing that and know I want to stop it - I don't want to be training my brain that way).

See if you can figure out what expectations you've had installed in your subconscious about getting older - you can't do this, you can't do that, you'll be lonely, you'll forget things, you'll have age discrimination issues, etc. What have you been brought up to believe about getting older? Then refute them. Do you want to continue to believe those things? Heck no.

Start thinking about how great you are, how good your memory is and how well you do things. Think about how people look up to you and come to you for information and advice. Think about those that love you and depend on you.  Get yourself some good momentum going about your youthful feeling and thoughts.

You are as young as you feel AND think! It's all about vibrations remember.


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One thought on “Are You Afraid of Growing Old?

  1. thanks Terrie.

    One thing is I’ve always admired athletes who are decades older than me but performing at levels I could achieve. My admiration pulls me forward. I feel younger myself.

    Also, I see my post-menopausal body is different but not yet settled into what I can do vs remembering 5 years ago.