Are you sabotaging yourself with your words? 10 Phrases To Avoid..

Were you aware that you may be sabotaging yourself with the phrases and words you're using? You have to be aware of the double meanings of words we use in our everyday vocabulary. English is filled with these words and unless you're always alert, you're liable to have them already a part of your everyday language.

Your subconscious mind does not understand which interpretation of English you're going after. For example, it doesn't know what you mean when you say "to" - it doesn't know if you mean the number two (2), too (also) or to (as in "going to the movies"). It also can't tell that words are separated - so, when you say "my life is in harmony" - your subconscious hears "inharmony" which is NOT what you want. You do not want your life to be inharmonious. Your mind doesn't know that there was the space in between those two words - so you always want to put something in there such as "my life is in glorious harmony".

Here's 10 words/phrases that you want to avoid or reword:

1) "No pain, no gain" - this tells your mind that nothing can be accomplished without you experiencing pain or discomfort. Is that what you really want? Wouldn't you rather achieve your goals (exercise or otherwise) easily and quickly and most importantly painlessly? I know I would.

2) "You're killing me" - I know this came from a movie but it's something you want to be careful of. Same with "This is killing me" or "x is killing me" - you can insert any phrase you've heard or one you use. You don't want to be saying this to your subconscious mind. "My knees are killing me", "My back is killing me" - do you ever catch yourself saying this. What is this telling your mind and subsequently your body. This is a phrase you really want to avoid.

3) "I'm sick and tired of.....". Think of how often you say this and how you feel at the end of each day that you say this. What are you telling your subconscious? That you are "sick" - so how often do you find yourself coming down with colds, getting headaches, etc? That you're "tired" - how is your energy level? Is this a phrase that's prominent in your vocabulary?

4) "I'm a survivor". Do you really want to be a survivor? Here's one dictionary's definition of survivor - "a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks". Do you want to continually experience opposition, hardship or setbacks? When you say "I'm a survivor" your subconscious does not understand that it's something you've been through in the past. It sees you as experiencing the hardships now and for as long as you say it.

5) "We shall overcome". this is an interesting one. Here's the definition of 'overcome' - "to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat: to overcome the enemy." So, even though you think this is a positive thing, it's really not because it requires a struggle or conflict and you want to do anything you can to live your life without a struggle.

6) "You're a pain in the neck". Do you tell people this often, even in jest? Remember that your subconscious mind doesn't know when you're kidding. How does your neck feel - does it bother you a lot? If so, pay attention and see if this is a phrase in your vocabulary.

7) "I can't stand it". Your mind is hearing that you can't stand or that you're unable to continue to hold up either alone or against whatever it is you are referring to. "I can't stand it" can buckle your knees or make your back or feet hurt - anything that involves your standing capability. Be careful or you'll find yourself knocked off your feet.

8) "I'm dead tired". Careful here too. First, you don't want to make yourself tired no matter what and you surely don't want to get sick enough that you die. Don't laugh. Your subconscious can do anything, including cause a significant illness or death.

9) "Times are tough" or "The economy's bad". Even if the rest of the world is spouting this out as the truth, it does not have to be your truth. You do not want to create tough times or tough economy for you. Declare your times as excellent and prosperous and your economy as wealthy and prosperous. Declare this over and over and you'll see it come true.

10) "Old habits are hard to break". You don't want to affirm that you can't change your habits, do you? You want to easily create new habits, develop new procedures to improve your life. You don't want anything in your life to be hard, do you?

These are just some of the phrases you'll hear throughout your day and you'll notice how they could possibly sabotage an otherwise terrific day or week or even month. Just paying attention to your words can change your life.

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