Are You Willing To Stand In Line? What Motivates/Inspires You?

This is just one of the photos online (courtesy of of people standing in line yesterday (Black Friday). It amazes me what people will go through "for a bargain". What's your definition of a bargain, by the way?

What is it that drives you? That is a better question for you to ponder.  I know why I trained so hard for the New York City Marathon and put myself through that entire year of hard work. That knowledge/awareness is extremely important in keeping you motivated toward your goal.

What do you think these folks' motivation was? What was your motivation if this was you standing in line? What is propelling you to do something? How strong is that thought or feeling?

Abraham makes a distinction between "motivation" and "inspiration" and I like it. Essentially "motivation" is pushing someone toward something whereas "inspiration" comes from within and it's a very positive desire to achieve something. Think about it. I had to listen to this several times before it made sense to me but it finally made sense to me.

A motivational speaker tries to push someone into doing something where an inspirational speaker simply tells a story and the essence of that story is what makes you want to go forth and accomplish something. I'm not sure that the actual words really matter as much as the internal/external concept. "Motivation" to me comes from without and "Inspiration" comes from within.

So, as you start to prepare for the New Year, look toward your inner self to find what goals to work toward. Now is the time to start examining what it is you feel inspired to change. If you are going to make a change it has to come from within and be something YOU want, not something imposed on you by others - I know that when I was younger I "tried" to stop smoking many times for my mom or for others. It wasn't until I woke up one morning and said "I'm tired of this. I want to stop smoking now". And I did. And guess what, it wasn't tough at all. I developed a plan (see a pattern developing here) ahead of time, set a date to start and then I simply followed the plan. I succeeded on my first attempt when I finally decided to do it for myself.

Start examining your inner thoughts and feelings this coming month. Find out what you want to do next year. Write down these thoughts and feelings. Keep them to yourself. Do NOT share with anyone. As we've talked about so many times, that can potentially backfire for you. Your loved ones may mean well but they can sabotage your efforts before you even begin. Just start with this simple step right now.


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