What Can I Give?

As we end 2010, I thought this story by Catherine Ponder was the most appropriate post to end with. Take this into your soul and process it so that you can practice giving throughout 2011 and beyond. This is a very touching (and true) story.

What Can I Give?

“What could a person give when he seems so in lack?” There is always some” thing a person can give, either tangibly or intangibly, that will put him in touch with God’s rich supply. A widow with a house full of children once telephoned a coun¬selor. She had no money or food for her children. It was lunch time and her chil¬dren had not eaten since the day before.   

Scientific Prayer

Scientific Prayer

Behind every problem or difficulty lies the Truth of Being. This means that in spite of the appearance, you must believe that Divine Mind has already healed the situation¬-that in reality there is nothing but God, or good. Jesus referred to this when He said that when you pray, believe that you have received, and you shall receive. And at another time, he said, “The Father worketh hitherto and I work.”

These statements by Jesus make it very clear that we do not deal with symptoms, but that we must work in our consciousness to lift it above and beyond the mere seeming to the love and goodness of God Himself.

Tell No Man

How many times have you heard Anne say this?

Tell No Man
Joseph Murphy

It is foolish to talk about your dreams, aspirations, plans and secret desires with others. Your prayer is with the Father within. Whatever you claim and feel to be true in the silence of your soul, the Spirit in you will validate and honor and bring to pass. It is foolish to pluck a flower before it blooms and blossoms.

This does not mean that when you go to a doctor, psychologist or attorney you do not tell him your problem, because he is there to help you and cooperate with you. What you convey to a clergyman or doctor is a secret, and he or she keeps that information in confidence.

Keep your own counsel and stop talking about something that has not yet happened. The man who writes a book sits down and writes it, has it published and then tells you about it. Withhold your speech until results speak for themselves.

Treatment For Divine Love

What a great post from Emmet fox on this beautiful Christmas day. Use these affirmative statements to brighten up your day - do it every day for awhile and see how you feel!

Treatment for DIVINE LOVE

My soul is filled with Divine Love.

I am surrounded by Divine Love.

I radiate Love and Peace to the whole world.

I have conscious Divine Love.

God is Love, and there is nothing in ex¬istence but God and His self-expression.

All men are expressions of Divine Love; therefore, I can meet with noth¬ing but the expressions of Divine Love. Nothing ever takes place but the Self-expressing of Divine Love.

All this is true now. This is the actual case, the actual state of affairs. I do not have to try to bring this about, but I observe it already in being now.

Divine Love is the actual nature of Being. There is only Divine Love, and I know this.’

I perfectly understand what Divine Love is. I have conscious realization of Divine Love. The Love of God is in me for all humanity, I am a lamp of God, radiating Divine Love to all whom I meet, to all whom I think of.

I forgive everything that can possibly need forgiveness - positively everything.

Divine Love fills my heart, and all is well.

I now radiate Love to the whole universe, excluding no one.

I experience Divine Love.

I demonstrate Divine Love.

I thank God for this.

Emmet Fox