Beautiful Affirmation for Susan Boyle

It’s close to Susan’s biggest day of her life. She will be a competitor and will not give in to the press.

Anne has created this terrific affirmation for us to say until the results are over (and even after that) - please join us in sending positive thoughts and power to her by saying this affirmation:

“I see the beauty in Susan Boyle. I see the beauty in her mind, in her voice, in her dreams and goals. The whole world sees the beauty in Susan as I do. We are collectively in tune with her success and
happiness. We are aligned with her new friends and her new relationships. We see her loving smile as she relates to those of us who love her and know her true talents. Susan projects total happiness with a healthy, secure, strong, self-image.The world sees Susan as I see Susan. She is blessed as I am blessed.”

Thanks so much to Anne for this!

Visit Susan Boyle Inspires Me and let us know your thoughts!


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