Blessing the new auto fuel

Hi Everybody,

Let’s all create a metaphysical action.  The way to help the fuel situation is NOT to complain, NOT to give energy to what we don’t want but to use all that we know about the creative action to give energy to WHAT WE WANT.  

My desire is to have a very quick discovery of an alternative fuel.  This new fuel will be very inexpensive, will run well in all of our cars, vans, trucks, etc.  This fuel will be clean and help our world, it will be immediately usable with all automobiles that are in use today and in the future.  It will give mileage greater than anyone ever thought possible and will be available everywhere.  The person and/or organization that creates this new fuel is determined to keep it inexpensive, available, helpful to our economy by hiring and training thousands of people in factories, distribution centers, with all aspects of transformation.

Will everyone that reads this please download the affirmation above?  Read it at least once a day, feel yourself smile as you see yourself putting this new fuel in your gas tank (or whatever vision works for you).  Love the idea of helping create a resolution that quickly and easily solves our fuel situation.

As we all give energy to creation of fuel, please let us know of other miracles that come to you as a result of your concentrating on the good that is now unfolding in your life.

 This really does work.   We know there always is a solution.  We can speed up the result by energizing the benefits we expect from this few minutes a day of concentration and feeling.

This is what I love about metaphysics.   Seeing the result of something you helped put into motion.  The world will rejoice with us.



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