You Don’t Want To Star In The Exorcist

figure_rear_view_mirror_400_clr_11283 Don't be Regan (Linda Blair) - the girl in the exorcist! What do I mean by this? Simply that you shouldn't keep looking back - for any reason! If you keep looking around behind you, it screws with your momentum. Think about driving along and you're at a certain speed that's feeling pretty good and getting you where you're going. But you're worried (first clue) that there might be some cops behind you or maybe just someone who is tailgating and wants to pass you. As you're looking around, you end up putting your foot on the brake to slow down while you look. Your momentum has slowed and now you have to do something to speed up again.

Why do you even want to look at what's in your past?  The only possibly legitimate reason could be to examine your limiting beliefs...but you could check them out without knowing where they come from. Only curiosity could be the reason for trying to figure out whether you got them from your parents or your teachers or what. But that's not really important, is it? What's matter is that you identify that you actually DO have those beliefs  and then how you can change them.

If you're looking at what events have happened in your life AND what limiting beliefs have been operating in your mind and life. These beliefs have been the primary influencing factor in how the Law of Attraction works in your  life. You can take a short time to look at past events and see if this has been the case - have you been living with self-fulfilling prophecies.  This is just another phrase for the Law of Attraction. I used to (many, many years ago) tell people that they wouldn't like me once they got to know me and guess what? They pulled away eventually - just as I predicted (prophecy).

There's a comfort zone involved here as well. No matter how crappy our past was, it still is something we can hold on to. We know what we felt like, we know what our responses were. It's the knowledge that is the comfort. When we're stepping out into new territory and changing our thoughts and life actions, it's scary because we don't know what's going to happen. What if something goes wrong? What if I didn't identify my limiting beliefs enough? What if, what if? By the time you're done questioning yourself, you want to go back to the past.

Guess what? The past is over, done with, gone! You just have to be daring and brave and move on. Trying the new way of life won't hurt you as long as you believe in the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws. This is a friendly universe. We just seem to be very adept at repeating our past - because we pay so much attention to it. Be different, you might like it.

So stop looking in your rear view mirror and stop playing in the Exorcist. Keep you head forward and watch what's happening in front of you. This is a major benefit of having a coach. Your coach will walk with you and help  you through the scary parts.

Think about it, then go do it!


Should We Fear Ebola?

10678640_10152703358960435_4104647929256730427_nFear is incapacitating and blocks success. You know that but trying to eliminate fear from our being takes some focus and concentration.

As a humanity we seem to have two themes - fear and faith (lack of fear). Sometimes there is an in between but that also is often considered apathy.

I am going to go on a bit of a rant about this right now. Ebola has been waging war with humans for the past several months. However, people in the United States have virtually ignored it (seemingly just hoping it would go away) and didn't care about the effects it was having upon the rest of the world because it hadn't affected the United States yet. We tend to have the Ostrich syndrome with our head stuck in the sand (or maybe someplace else - you can tell I'm disturbed by this). It's amazing how whenever there is any other type of disaster in another country we're all rushing to help - musicians give free concerts, the Red Cross tells you to text them, every organization out there starts collecting. But in this case, the number of cases and the number of deaths have been rapidly increasing in other countries and we did and said NOTHING.....until, of course, it came into the United States. Initially there was concern when we brought people back for treatment but the media was used to quench any major concerns.....until there was a case of a traveler who flew infected into the country. Now, a greater portion of our country has become concerned (I guess it really is "All about me") and as the days roll by and there are more people infected, the outrage and fear deepens.

As we've talked about repeatedly - all that fear does is attract more of what we are fearing (in this case disease). There is a concept head_stuck_in_sand_400_clr_6605called "Race Consciousness" that explains how things can migrate rapidly from near apathy to massive fear. It seems to spread like wildfire. One day everything is fine and people are going along as usual. But then the next day the fear is all around us -we saw something on the news or on the internet and then, of course, the "power of the story" comes into play.  God forbid we talk about the positive aspects of an event or not talk about it at all. It's best to not talk about things like an epidemic or anything bad (even the enterovirus that spread across the country pretty rapidly too) especially when we can't do anything about it. Do NOT feed into the race consciousness because you'll feel yourself being swept into the waves of fear. And, the sad thing is that you probably won't even recognize it.

When you find yourself fearing something happening, immediately say "That is not my truth" followed by "Nothing and nobody can interfere with my health and well-being, not even myself". You can also use "Everything always works out for me". Stay away from the details either on the news or the internet. Of course you might want to know what's happening so you can scan your favorite internet site for the latest but then leave it quickly.

Stay away from the "water cooler" syndrome. Don't engage in conversation about it. You're probably thinking I'm telling you to stick your head in the sand but I'm not. If you can do something, take action and do it - volunteer, donate money, whatever. But if you're just talking about the "tragedy", the "fear" etc, then you are simply attracting more fear and more illness into your life. And when it goes into the Race Consciousness (everything you think is disseminated into the Universe and becomes part of the Race Consciousness) where this massive energy force will bring more of what is feared onto humanity.

So, we do not need to fear ebola...we need to counteract the mass fear that is being spread across all of America (and most likely the world). Use the statements I listed above and continue to say them whenever you feel scared.

You have more power than you realize so use it to everyone's advantage.

Remember "that which I greatly feared, hath come upon me".

Don't let it come upon you.


Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1Practice what you preach they always say. And I needed to remember that this weekend.

I have been having some strange physical symptoms lately and yesterday they really got to me and I wasn't doing anything but thinking about them and trying to diagnose myself (they say a patient who has himself as his doctor is a fool and I definitely fit into that category).  Even though, at times, I would remember the great saying "That which I feared greatly came upon me" and know that every minute of every day I'm creating my own reality, I still couldn't seem to stop the momentum. But I didn't even have the presence of mind to stop fighting that momentum and letting it run its course. So between the resistance I was putting out against these weird symptoms and trying to put the  brakes on this momentum, it was just getting worse.

Like a smack in the head while lying in bed I realized I had completely forgotten my toolbox - the various techniques that you can use to change your momentum or eliminate the resistance. Some tools work better than others - depending on the situation.

In my case last night, I remembered that I had not even thought about EFT (emotional freedom technique) which would remove the feelings of fear surrounding the symptoms and allow things to progress as they should and maybe even disappear. I do know that whenever you're worried about something, the symptoms intensify and you get to the point where you've thought the worst is about to happen (or already has happened)! And you don't want to be in that situation. You want to eliminate the fear and anxiety as soon as you can.

I used EFT last night and again today and just continued to say "everything always works out for me" and by mid-day the symptoms had lessened.

This week, write down the tools that are in your toolbox and put them on an index card that you can pull out and review when you're feeling fear or anxiety.


Letting Go

custom_clipboard_15291I had another post planned for today but had to tell you about my experience this past weekend!

First a bit of background.....You all know that I love running and after a 15 year hiatus from Ultrarunning (more than 26.2 miles), I have gotten back into it in the past 3 years.  One of my first attempts at a 100 mile race was in 1998 at Umstead 100 miler in North Carolina. However, I only made it 50 miles that day. So, when I was back on the scene again so to speak, 3 years ago, I found out when registration for Umstead was. I remember because I was at work that day (even though it was Saturday) and failing to do the time zone math I was an hour late in attempting to register and therefore didn't get in (it gets sold out in a few minutes).

Then last year when I really felt I could do a good job and complete Umstead in the required time limit, I had the registration date on my calendar for months. On registration day I had 3 computers going to try to get registered. After 20-30 minutes to no avail I was not able to get in. I was so frustrated with the technology and angry etc.

But you know what? It worked out best for everyone because March (the month of the race) was when I was sick for 8 weeks. I would not have been able to attend the race even if I had gotten in.

I forgot about Umstead focusing instead on the Tennessee event this July and keeping my training all directed toward that. Umstead was no where on my antenna.

Is Worry In Your Way?

anxious_scared_figure_400_clr_8434I realized last Saturday that I was letting all my worry about many different things get in the way of my enjoying life and actually making me miserable. What a cruddy way to be living day to day.

What was I worried about? It's all around my upcoming race in July - the one across the state of Tennessee. I was worried about my gear - which pack should I use? How can I make it lighter? What shoes should I wear? Was I going to get blisters? What if my feet swelled so much so that the shoes no longer worked? What if I couldn't handle the heat and sun? What if this, what if that? You name it, I could worry about it.

I was doing two long runs every weekend - it had gotten so that I was looking forward to going to work on Monday - can't say as I ever thought that way before.

I finally had a realization. Why the heck was I worrying so much? Here I am telling people that the whole purpose of life is to experience joy and that we can and should experience it NOW, NOT when whatever it is we're after manifests itself. And I was doing just what I was preaching against. What a hypocrite.

Despite not wanting to be a hypocrite, I also didn't like not enjoying where I was right then and there - or more accurately - here and now. I have been looking forward to this run for a year now and here I was making myself miserable as the time drew nearer. I was creating all the bad things that could possibly happen just by worrying. And what good was worrying going to do anyway? Preparation is not the same as worrying.

I knew what I had to do. I knew that I had been down for the count for 9 weeks and although that bothered me and I was concerned that it put me behind the eight ball, training wise, there was absolutely nothing I could do about it at this point. So why keep dwelling on it (aka "worrying"). Did that improve my endurance? Of course not. All I could do was do what I was able to do right now.

What good was worrying about how hot it might be, or how heavy my pack was? Ok, thinking about these two things led me to be able to prepare - I trained in the heat of the day to try to get acclimatized. I wore my pack with all the gear and water I would be carrying for 10 days. That's preparation. There was no need to worry because there was not a darn thing else I could do and worrying would not make it cooler in Tennessee nor would it help me acclimatize to anything other than more worry.  I think we're all pretty acclimatized to that - we do it without even knowing that we're doing it.

So, all worry could do would be to make me miserable and not enjoy my time leading up to the race. And it put me in a negative vibrational state and great things do NOT come when you're in such a state. I was likely to attract things I didn't want.

I simply decided to think about the variables and plan appropriately and then enjoy what I was doing. When a problem arose or something that I needed to deal with, I expressed gratitude and appreciation that it had come up prior to the run so that I really could deal with it. That is preparation. There was nothing negative in it at all. I went about enjoying the two days I had left with long runs. Instead of wishing I was home doing something else, I concentrated on the event and how great it was going to be to participate and meet other folks - both runners and those along the way.

I stopped worrying about "what if I don't finish?" knowing that I would do the best I could and whatever happened, happened. I would only quit if things were really bad for me (injury that would prevent continuing). I was in this to find out what I was made of and that was what would happen. I was not going to lose my job or my pride if I didn't finish. All of the other people in my normal life wouldn't even consider trying it. There was no "face" to lose. Just do the best you can, Terrie. And that's what will happen. I visualize the outcome and that's what's important.

If worry is in your way, take a different look at it.  Worry is also a form of fear so look at your fears and find out if you're really "worried" (socially acceptable) or "afraid" (not so much acceptable).  Are your fears realistic? If so, are they something that would keep you from accomplishing your goal? If so, then reconsider the goal. If not, then acknowledge them and put them aside.

  • Remember why you're doing what it is you're doing.
  • Feel the joy that the achievement of this goal will bring.
  • Plan and prepare. Look at any event/thought/obstacle that comes up as part of your preparation. Don't focus on it, work on it.
  • Enjoy what you are doing right now.