Outlining Is For Documents

Ondont outline2e of the most common reasons I see that the Law of Attraction “doesn’t work” is that folks not only make decisions about what they want but also about HOW it’s to come to them.

You’ve heard the story Anne used to tell which so exemplifies this. There was a woman who would come into the church and tell Anne she needed $10,000 so she could have surgery for a medical issue she had. Anne would repeatedly tell her that she shouldn’t be asking for the money but should want health (notice it’s not “healing” – if you think of healing, then you are thinking about illness and focusing on the illness). She told the woman that the Universe would figure out how to deliver health to her. The woman kept insisting that she needed the money so she could have the surgery.

Several months went by and Anne didn’t see the woman until one day in a grocery store. She came running up to Anne and told her that she was healthier than ever. Anne asked what happened. The woman told her that a new doctor had come to town and had treated her with a new medication that had completely taken care of her problem. Anne is nice so she didn’t say “I told you so.”  The bottom line is that the Universe knew the best way to take care of the woman.

It’s so important that you put your energy into WHAT you want, not how it’s going to get here. That is called “outlining” and the Universe may have a much quicker and easier way to get you what you want. If you’ve specified the exact way you want something though, the Universe will try to provide that and it might actually take a lot longer than if you just let the Universe work its magical action.

That’s it for today. Just remember to stop after you’ve said what it is you want.


Be Patient (Law of Gestation)

presenting_custom_software_box_15118Even though a woman might want to open her belly and check on her baby every few days (or even hours), she knows that that’s not how it works. There is a specific time frame that the baby needs to be in the womb growing and nurturing before it’s able to survive and materialize into what it’s supposed to be – a baby. She knows she has to wait approximately 9 months for everything to mature properly and if something happens that it’s sooner, sometimes extreme measures have to be taken to make sure the baby does well.

Why am I going on and on about babies? Because it’s the perfect example of the Law of Gestation.

Remember that we go through a few simple steps.

1) We ask for something. That’s easy and it’s why there is so much contrast in our life – we can see what we don’t want and then ask for what we do want.

2) The Universe delivers it. It’s immediately manifested. The Universe doesn’t know if it’s a fleeting thought or not. The Universe is just there to provide us with what we ask for.

3) We have to ALLOW it into our life – that, then, is materialization – when we can actually see and touch whatever it is we asked for. This is the most difficult part for us because we have evolved into creatures that want instant gratification.

There are two particular aspects of the Universal Laws that serve to protect us.

1) We don’t have enough wisdom so fortunately we don’t have the power to materialize everything we say immediately even if the Universe has manifested it – it has not been brought into our lives. A good example of this is this: A mother is outside and sees her sons playing way up in the top branches of a tree. The mother panics and screams for the kids to get down but this is what she says – “Get down from there or you’ll fall and break your neck”. Aren’t we glad at that point that we can’t immediately materialize what we say or think. If we had such power and ability the boys would fall and break their necks.

2) The Law of Gestation. It’s funny how we can accept this law in nature and other parts of life but not with ourselves. You wouldn’t plant a rose seed or an acorn and then the next day dig it up to see how it was doing or be upset that it hadn’t poked above the surface yet. You know that there is a specific time that the seed has to be buried and go through the various stages before this tiny little round object becomes a beautiful flowering plant.

Don’t Put On The Brakes (Don’t Give Up) – It’s Just Around the Corner

figure_prohibit_stop_400_clr_2495Sometimes we get on a roll and can easily keep that momentum going while things seem to be going well.

But then, we may hit a stumbling block (or more than one) and everything comes to a screeching halt. We may gradually slow down but often it’s like “hitting the wall” in a marathon. You just can’t go any further. You lose your incentive and desire to achieve what you set out to do. You feel that there’s no hope and that nothing will work. Much of this is because you’ve been going, going, going and may even be running on fumes now. You’ve been operating on adrenaline and motivation but when you hit a stumbling block, you’re very likely to hit the brakes and stop cold.

If this happens, pause and take a deep breath but don’t stop completely. It’s most likely time to reassess your vibrations. For some reason you have attracted this block. Remember that you attract everything in your life, not just the good things or the things you consciously ask for.

This happened to me in my Tennessee run. I have been working toward this for a year now. I had signed up for it about 10 months ago and everything I did since then was a part of training for it. I’d been derailed once before (in March of this year) when I had this unknown custom_text_pulling_a_wheelie_13463illness and was out of commission running wise for about 9 weeks. Then I was able to do a 3 day event and did “ok” there but knew that I was not ready. So, I spent the 5 weeks before the event trying to put together all that I should have been doing all year. I tried many different types of shoes (which messes up your gait) and I was training with a 15 pound pack which also has adverse effects on you. I increased my mileage way too fast. So what should I have expected? To do really well? Heck no. I ended up being injured (to the point where I couldn’t even walk) the week before I was supposed to leave for the event. Then when I got there and at the start of the race I tried to run and knew I couldn’t because my back was still bad. So it was all walking from the start to the point where I dropped. But when I wanted to drop (the 3rd night), I didn’t. I knew enough to sit back and regroup even though my pain was very severe that night. In the morning I felt ok enough to continue to try. Turns out I was way behind and realized that night that I couldn’t make the cutoff times. I also realized that it would be better for my long term health if I dropped then. So, yes, I did ultimately quit but I didn’t quit when my emotions were ruling me (the previous night). I evaluated the situation and continued on. Then I made an informed decision based on the facts (that I couldn’t possibly reach the cutoff point in time).

But why did all this happen? I have no idea what vibrations and thoughts I put out there to attract these events. But I do know that I did this to myself, no one else did. But instead of complaining about it and feeling cheated, I have spent the past 5 weeks working on all that I learned from this experience. I also have not run for those 5 weeks (until yesterday) and that is a different aspect of my life. Something I had to do in order to heal and as a result I learned that there is more in life than just running and I learned to do other things and be satisfied with doing them. So much has happened in the past few months that I have learned and decided that I do NOT want to waste a day (or a week or more) just waiting to be able to do something else (running in my case).

I have learned so much about what I did “wrong” or what I should have done differently during the run. And it will be so much help for next year. I also forged a valuable friendship that will never be marred and had I been able to run and continue on, I would not have had that opportunity. That relationship is so much more valuable to me than completing the entire 314 miles. I will be able to do it again.

So, don’t quit. Usually what you want really is just around the corner. Try to rest and take advantage of hitting the obstacle and see what opportunity it will afford you. Take some time to raise your vibration and get things back on track again.

Then start back up and you’ll see where you go from there. Your desire will materialize (it’s already manifested when you put out that desire, now it just has to manifest and that’s by you allowing it to come in).








Are You “Killing Time”

are youkilling timeIf you remember how important our words are, you’ll immediately see the problem with this age-old phrase. To your subconscious “killing time” indicates that time is bad and you want to destroy it.

That is usually NOT what we want with time. Usually we want MORE time. To talk and think about getting rid of it, not only decreases the amount we have available (actually it’s what we perceive we have available since time is not something we control – our use of it is, however), but also puts us back in the “lack” mode.

We don’t want to be in lack mode for anything – whether it be love, happiness, time, money or anything.

The other issue with this phrase is that it implies you really do have a lot of time on your hands (the opposite of lack but your subconscious hears lack) and you’re not doing anything with it. Go back to the post about living day to day and see if you want to revise what you’re doing and what your purpose in life is.

Pay attention to your words. Words lead to thoughts and then to feelings. Your subconscious mind hears words and interprets them in the way you most commonly think of them. I bet the subconscious really loves the English language with all the various meanings for many words..ha. When you say “I can’t afford…..” the subconscious doesn’t necessarily pay attention to what words follow. It just hears lack and poverty from the “I can’t afford”. So, to it, that is what you are focusing on – poverty/lack. Even if you were going to say “I can’t afford the time away from work to go do x, y, z”, your subconscious mind didn’t get that far. It stopped with the “afford”.

When you are talking about killing time, you are indicating you don’t like time – why else would you want to kill it? You’re talking as if you want to “get rid of more time” by killing it. I don’t think that’s what you’re really trying to do though. You want to spend your time doing things you like to do.

Don’t substitute “spending time” either because your subconscious mind thinks you’re talking about money still. Many folks associate “spending” with money and unless you are in a great vibrational state with your money, you might not want to put the two together inside your mind. “Spending” can also indicate losing it or giving it away and then you’ll be left with the internal feeling that you don’t have enough time.

Instead of “killing time”, elaborate on what it is you’re doing.

  • “I have plenty of time on my hands and I choose to be doing x, y, z with that time”.
  • “I am using my time to bring me closer to my goal of x”.
  • “I have an abundance of time and I choose to use it as a tool achieving my purpose in life.”

I’ll close with the adage that your mother really did know what she was talking about when she said “choose your words wisely” and “Think before you speak”!


Are You Living (Existing) Day To Day?

living day to day 2Take a moment and think about the direction your life is going.

When you get up in the morning do you have a definite purpose to the day or do you just know that you’ll be doing whatever you do every day in the same pattern etc.

Even if it’s a small goal like feeling better by going to the gym a few days a week or going for a walk every other morning or evening, you’ll have a goal and a purpose.

Start out slowly but come up with some goal or purpose to your existence. Consider volunteering or fund raising. Maybe it would just be to try healthy smoothies a few days a week.  Search deep inside of you to find a reason to get out of bed other than that you “have to”.

Don’t you want to be excited to start the day…and continue through it? I know I do. I really was unhappy when all my life was about was getting up, going to work and coming home exhausted while thinking about having to get up the next morning to go to work too. Ugh big time.

When I have other things to look forward to – when it was just working out with Dan, I felt energized because I was working toward a goal. I started with him to try and get rid of the right upper back pain I had been having when walking and I wanted to do a 3 day walk. But then my goals with him evolved. That will happen to you if you just set a small goal to begin with.

Sit down and think about what you would like to do. What would you like to accomplish? Don’t be intimidated by that word – accomplishment means simply that you’ve done something. It doesn’t mean you’ve done something phenomenal that would rock the world. I think too many of us demean our own “small” achievements. We should never do that any more than we should compare what we do to what others do.  You will be happier if you have some purpose to your daily life.

If, perhaps, your life seems to revolve around your spouse and your children and is very hectic, figure out what you are trying to get done with them. Is it to teach them ethical behavior, to have morals, to set goals themselves and then go about achieving them, to provide them with the best all around education you possibly could? I know there is some reason you bust your butt to take them here, take them there or watch their sporting activities. You don’t just do this because you “have to” even if it feels that way right now. Examine what you really feel toward your family and what you want it to become. Perhaps it’s just to keep your kids from experimenting with drugs. That’s a major goal and definitely one worth accomplishing!

According to Abraham our sole aim is to achieve joy. Joy is defined differently for everyone. If you aim to feel joyous every day, then I think you will come up with a purpose even if it’s just for that day.

Don’t exist day to day – you never know when it will be your last day. Go after something every day.  Change it day to day or create a number of goals – short, midterm and longterm. Look into Define and Conquer (even though it says 2013 and says “group”, the audios are now available for replay) for the best methods of defining and achieving your goals.

What i really care about is that you are living for something other than the end of the day!