Focus On What You Want

focus We've talked about focus several times in the last few weeks. But, I really believe you can't talk about it enough. Problems usually arise because of three things - 1) someone isn't focused but the thoughts and feelings are scattered all over the place 2) someone focuses on the lack of something or on what they do not want and 3) because a person hasn't made up their mind what they really want (you've heard my story about not manifesting a hybrid vehicle because I couldn't decide which type I wanted and so I couldn't get specific enough to place my order to the Universe).

Use the contrast you have in your life to determine what it is you want. Pick the things you want, not the absence of what you don't want. For example, don't say "I don't want any bills". Instead, say "I have an abundance of money to pay off anything I want to pay and have plenty left over to enjoy my life the way I want to be accustomed to." Instead of "I don't want to be sick" or "I want to get well", say "I am healthy and hearty and can do everything I want to do." Look at health, NOT healing. So you are picking the positive things you want to focus on.

Then become specific about what you want. If you want to have plenty of energy instead of your fatigue, express that by saying to yourself (and writing down) "I have energy every day, all day and am able to accomplish so much more at work than ever before in my life." Or, "I have plenty of energy to run a 100 mile race". You can even use visualization to help you become specific because if you can see it, you can write it down in greater detail.

Make sure you know what you want and then keep your mind on that at all times. Make a treasure board or book so that when your thoughts wander, you'll be able to bring your mind back to where it needs to be. If you think about this, then that, then something else, the energy is diffused. You want to have laser focus on the thing you want. No matter what else is going on, that's where your thoughts are to be.

Focus on what you want, not the obstacles or what you don't want - do NOT allow yourself to be drawn in by the negative aspects of your life. Don't focus on the lack. Focus on what you're going to have. Remember that you have manifested it already - once you've done the above steps. Now you're just waiting for the materialization and you have to remember that the law of gestation may be in play as well.

I will give you a personal example. I've told you recently that I have epilepsy. I never once thought that that would keep me from getting in the Navy - at least until the day I was driving to the recruiter's station. I had simply assumed I would be accepted and that there was no reason I shouldn't be. I never even thought that my epilepsy would be an issue. As it turned out, most people will not be accepted with epilepsy. But I had not allowed that into my thoughts so my positive energy was sufficient to overcome the blockages faced by others. And I got in!

Try to monitor your focusing this week. Pay attention to where your thoughts are going - are they all over the place, are they on positive or negative things? What are you creating in your life? What do you really want to create in your life?

Let us know what's happening.


When You Wish Upon A Star

when you wish upon a star Given how things have gone for me in the past few months, I probably should also caveat this with "Be careful what you wish for".  When the Law of Attraction works extremely well in you life (as it does in mine), you often get what you want very quickly - often you haven't taken enough time to be specific about what you want.

Whatever you ask for, you will manifest. Most of us, however, have passing thoughts like "oh, I'd like that", or "that would be nice in my living room" - you know, the window shopping syndrome. The Universe will actually manifest each thing you ask for, each and every time. So why aren't our houses and lives filled like a version of "Hoarding"? Because there is a difference between manifesting and materializing. The Universe manifests everything we ask for but in order for that to materialize in our life we have to allow it in and be ready to receive it. When it's a passing thought, there isn't enough focus or desire for it to materialize in your life. You know how we say "act as if" and "focus on having what you want". Think of it as you putting a homing beacon out for the UPS truck to make it to your door. If you're on and off about something, then it's as if the truck is zig zagging around your city or neighborhood instead of making it straight to your house.

This is a good thing for us because often we'll make quick remarks as a result of some emotional event/situation. And when we say something like "I wish you were gone", you don't really mean it but you've shouted it out to the Universe! Fortunately this is a temporary feeling/thought and it's not something you really want to happen.

Once you identify something you really want, don't leave it at that. Go back and be specific. Define what it is you really want - what color is it, how big or small do you want it, what other parameters are you desiring. This is easy (if you remember to do it) for physical items, but it's as critical, if not more, with the non-physical items - often because we can't envision all of the aspects involved. Let me give you my personal example which will make you chuckle. I was feeling "left out" at work with the new "regime" (I really need to learn to like change..ha ha) and wished I was more involved with the new president. Now for the funny part and I am not complaining because I did get what I wanted and I know that I can refine it to be more manageable. I am now constantly occupied with the new president and helping out and talking, reviewing, etc. In addition, I was wanting more people to ask me questions. Now, my office is like a revolving door.  I really am enjoying it because I love to teach and guide BUT (there's always a 'but' if you don't get specific enough) I can't get any of the other work done that I have to. You see, all I did was make the two statements - I wanted to be more involved with the president and I wanted more people to ask me questions. I never went any further. There were many ways I could have arranged for everything to happen had I just taken the time to be specific.  I could have said I want the president to consult with me for a finite period of time (I would need to say what that finite period was) or in segments, etc. I could have specified that people ask me questions in the afternoon between 1 and 3 but that it's just what they do, not that I put out the word that they can only do it then. Why not make it so that the Universe guides them to only have questions during that time rather than me mandating it.

There are many aspects to consider. Make yourself a list of characteristics or parameters you should address when being specific about something. If you've made that list ahead of time, then when you're ready to ask for something, you've got the checklist right in front of you. Just remember to be specific.

Here's some examples:

For a physical wish:

  • What is it you want
  • What color do you want
  • What size/shape/model do you want (31 x 32 x 24 inches for example, or midsize, compact etc)
  • Where do you want it to fit?
  • What kind of maintenance do you want it to require or to pay for?
  • Just think of the characteristics you want and list them all.
  • For a non-physical wish:
  • What is it you want
  • Is it work related, home life, relationships, all of the above - be specific about which part of your life you want it to occur in
  • When (which part of your day, week, month etc) do you want it to occur
  • How should people approach you
  • How often should it happen (occur)
  • How long should an encounter last (if pertinent)
  • Who do you want to interact with

Remember that when dealing with people you can also augment your list and make your wish come true faster by using the Book of Positive Aspects and the Rampage of Appreciation.

All these techniques and laws work together. Just remember to be specific or "be careful what you ask for".

Have  a great week!











Get Off The Merry Go Round

running_in_gear_pc_400_clr_2628You've heard of self-fulfilling prophecies?

What you say and believe over and over, comes true. So, if you say "you don't (or won't) love me once you get to know me" and you really believe and feel that, guess what? It will happen. That relationship will end eventually.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is another way to talk about what you believe and focus on, is what you will end up with in your life.

Be careful what you say and think. Make sure every thought you have and every feeling you have is something you really want. And, be specific and careful about what you say.

For example, don't just say "I'd like to quit this job" or "I want to retire". Be more specific - "I want a regular retirement so that I can enjoy my health and life." Otherwise you could end up having a medical retirement and you don't necessarily want that. So, every time you think about something you want, make sure it can't be misinterpreted.

When you are examining what you've asked for make sure you're focusing on the positive, not on the lack. I could have said "I want to retire but not medically". That would make me focus on the fact that there are other types of retirement and the most common alternative is for medical reasons. I don't want to focus on medical problems or issues. I want to focus on enjoying the retirement and being totally healthy in order to do that.

One little maneuver with your words can make all the difference. See why it's important to take the time to determine and then define your goals? Make them specific and focusing on the positive aspects of life, not the things you don't want - the absence of what you want. Don't say "I want my bills paid off" because you then focus on the fact that you have lack in your life. Say "I am prosperous and have terrific credit". When you don't pay your bills, your credit score is affected. This way you've said that you have great credit and that will secondarily mean that the things that impact credit are taken care of.

Go for the world but make sure you've defined the world the way you really (and specifically) want it.


Outlining Is For Documents

Ondont outline2e of the most common reasons I see that the Law of Attraction "doesn't work" is that folks not only make decisions about what they want but also about HOW it's to come to them.

You've heard the story Anne used to tell which so exemplifies this. There was a woman who would come into the church and tell Anne she needed $10,000 so she could have surgery for a medical issue she had. Anne would repeatedly tell her that she shouldn't be asking for the money but should want health (notice it's not "healing" - if you think of healing, then you are thinking about illness and focusing on the illness). She told the woman that the Universe would figure out how to deliver health to her. The woman kept insisting that she needed the money so she could have the surgery.

Several months went by and Anne didn't see the woman until one day in a grocery store. She came running up to Anne and told her that she was healthier than ever. Anne asked what happened. The woman told her that a new doctor had come to town and had treated her with a new medication that had completely taken care of her problem. Anne is nice so she didn't say "I told you so."  The bottom line is that the Universe knew the best way to take care of the woman.

It's so important that you put your energy into WHAT you want, not how it's going to get here. That is called "outlining" and the Universe may have a much quicker and easier way to get you what you want. If you've specified the exact way you want something though, the Universe will try to provide that and it might actually take a lot longer than if you just let the Universe work its magical action.

That's it for today. Just remember to stop after you've said what it is you want.


Be Patient (Law of Gestation)

presenting_custom_software_box_15118Even though a woman might want to open her belly and check on her baby every few days (or even hours), she knows that that's not how it works. There is a specific time frame that the baby needs to be in the womb growing and nurturing before it's able to survive and materialize into what it's supposed to be - a baby. She knows she has to wait approximately 9 months for everything to mature properly and if something happens that it's sooner, sometimes extreme measures have to be taken to make sure the baby does well.

Why am I going on and on about babies? Because it's the perfect example of the Law of Gestation.

Remember that we go through a few simple steps.

1) We ask for something. That's easy and it's why there is so much contrast in our life - we can see what we don't want and then ask for what we do want.

2) The Universe delivers it. It's immediately manifested. The Universe doesn't know if it's a fleeting thought or not. The Universe is just there to provide us with what we ask for.

3) We have to ALLOW it into our life - that, then, is materialization - when we can actually see and touch whatever it is we asked for. This is the most difficult part for us because we have evolved into creatures that want instant gratification.

There are two particular aspects of the Universal Laws that serve to protect us.

1) We don't have enough wisdom so fortunately we don't have the power to materialize everything we say immediately even if the Universe has manifested it - it has not been brought into our lives. A good example of this is this: A mother is outside and sees her sons playing way up in the top branches of a tree. The mother panics and screams for the kids to get down but this is what she says - "Get down from there or you'll fall and break your neck". Aren't we glad at that point that we can't immediately materialize what we say or think. If we had such power and ability the boys would fall and break their necks.

2) The Law of Gestation. It's funny how we can accept this law in nature and other parts of life but not with ourselves. You wouldn't plant a rose seed or an acorn and then the next day dig it up to see how it was doing or be upset that it hadn't poked above the surface yet. You know that there is a specific time that the seed has to be buried and go through the various stages before this tiny little round object becomes a beautiful flowering plant.