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Begin daily developing your imaging power for prosperity and success by taking a little time at the beginning or end of your day – perhaps when you are writing out your plans and notes – to image them in definite form mentally.

For example, if you are listing bills that need to be paid: after you make your notes, sit quietly and image the checks already written to those owed in the specific amount. Image yourself putting those checks in envelopes and dropping them in the mail box. If there is a definite need for some specific amount of money, mentally image a check written out to you, showing a current date, and showing the amount of money needed to be entered on that check. Your imagination loves to be given definite pictures to build and form, which the subconscious mind then gratefully accepts, and gets busy producing the  definite results for you.

If you pay your bills on the Internet, imagine yourself opening your browser, clicking on your favorite to get to that site, log in and then imagine yourself putting in the exact amount needed for that payment. Then imagine clicking on the “submit” button.

Remember that you have been using your imaging power all the time. Perhaps, though, you’ve used it to image lack of money, lack of success, and all the things you don’t really want in life.  Take your wallet and checkbook in your hands during your quiet time. Closing your eyes, mentally image bills of large denomination bulging from the wallet. Mentally image your deposit slips showing large amounts of money being deposited into your bank account. Image, image, image , all the good that you wish to experience.

There was a business man who had had an extended period of financial lack. He realized the imaging power of your subconscious mind and purchased some “play money” and put the bills of large denomination in his wallet, so that every time he opened it, his eyes would first see those large amounts. Soon, that imaging power had accepted the picture of large amounts of money in his wallet, rather than the previous image of lack.

Don’t just read these tips, try them, see if they work. I bet they will.


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Image Success in Family Problems

This is a good story – Catherine Ponder always has great stories to emphasize her points:

A mother was distraught over her son’s behavior which had been pretty disturbing. So, instead of trying to change his behavior with any outer comments or actions, she just began to sit quietly every day and mentally imaged him as she wished him to be. She thought of him as standing in a pool of light and love, as being calm, peaceful and confident, harmonious and happy.

Gradually, he began to express those qualities and became calm, peaceful, confident, harmonious so that in a few months he hardly seemed like the same child.

Be careful what you image for yourself or those who are receptive to your mental images, because it sure will happen. It’s been noticed that, when questioned, realize they found out that their husbands had been cheating on them AFTER they had been imagining the very same thing happening in their lives.

Always give others the benefit of only good mental images. Often life’s results are the difference between constructive and destructive mental images that you entertain for yourself and others. What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

You really can make this work.


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How to Image Unselfishly

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How to image unselfishly

We mentioned this in the last post but it’s important to discuss it in greater detail.

You don’t have to covet someone else’s things because they wouldn’t satisfy you even if you had them. What belongs to someone else never quite fits your needs.

When you see something another person has that you would like to have, don’t covet it or mentally try to image and force it to you. Realize that the person’s good that is appealing to you is really just an indication that similar good is on its way to you and that you CAN have it.

Declare to yourself: “I, too, am in contact with the source of that good. The Divine equivalent of that good is now on its way to me, and i gratefully accept it. My own similar blessings now appear. They are satisfying and appropriate and for this I give thanks.”

There is no danger in using the imaging power of the mind unselfishly. It is only when you use it selfishly, to try to force from another, that you run into difficulties.

Also, you should never mentally image for someone else that which you would not want to experience yourself, since the mental image you send out inevitably comes back to you. Instead, just imagine health, wealth, and happiness for others, as well as for yourself.

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Image in Detail

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Image in detail

It may take you awhile to get results – or it may seem as if you’re not getting any results.

If that’s the case, you may not be imaging in detail. Remember how we’ve talked about how you have to be specific in your affirmations and when you make lists of your desires, you must be specific. It’s the same with imaging.

Once you can picture the complete, detailed result, you can essentially dismiss the matter from your mind completely and know that it will soon manifest itself.

It really is worth the time and effort to picture as much of your desires as possible on a daily basis. It will unfold itself as if it were a Michelangelo painting, each detail becoming more and more identifiable the more you picture.

You’ll be surprised that once you have everything pictured in detail,it will take little or no physical action to produce the result. It will most likely be accomplished for you since you’ve already done the greatest work in your mind. There are many scientific studies that prove the power of imaging.

The more you develop your imaging power, the more it seems the whole world rushes toward you – in a positive manner!

You are constantly making mental images anyway whether you think you are or not. The mind thinks through mental pictures.

If you’re having difficulties (whether it be financial or with your health or even your relationships), you will continue to have those difficulties until you change your mental images. You are thinking about, talking about, and picturing lack and your mind is producing what you are imaging.

Change your pictures, talk and think plenty, and you’ll have it.

If we mentally image what belongs to someone else as ours, we are asking for trouble. We never need to image someone else’s good as being taken from them and coming to us. What belongs to others is NOT ours by divine right. If it were, it would have been given to us in the first place. And since it is not ours by divine right, it would do us no good if we got it.

Image what is yours, image it in detail and it will appear just as if you have created it! Try it, you’ll like it.


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Quickie Wheels of Fortune

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Quickie Wheels of Fortune

You can make these for periods of a month at a time. Put pictures and phrases for things that you need for that period of time. When you expect immediate results your mind will go to work for you much faster to produce and immediate result. Sometimes if you make wheels of fortune for longer periods, your imagination may not be sufficiently stimulated to do much about it.

The point behind these wheels of fortune is to turn the current of your thought and expectation from “I can’t have” to “I can have”; change it from despair to hope, from discouragement to encouragement; from failure to success.

You’re going to be using all these techniques and they will complement each other to bring you success as soon as you have convinced your thinking (your subconscious) that you can and will have it!

If you are not free to make a large wheel of fortune to help you change your mental images, perhaps you can make a notebook. In the notebook you’ll put pictures you cut from magazines of the good you desire. Also put catchy phrases you can clip from the paper or magazines (or even off the Internet).

Then when you have a lull in your day, you can take out the book and browse through it. This will keep your imaging power uplifted, expectant, and at work for her highest good.

No one around you will be aware of what you’re doing and it can keep you from being discouraged, depressed or doubtful. The one thing you really want to prevent is becoming doubtful. I use this affirmation “Nothing and no one can interfere with the achievement of my goals, my prosperity and peace of mind, not even myself.” Last year that saved my bacon (as they say) in a way I have only told a few people – but in a miraculous way – one of the three top “miracles” that I have been blessed with in my life. So try it.


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Make a Wheel Of Fortune

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Make a Wheel of Fortune

Creating a wheel of fortune is a simple method for putting the imagination to work for you. This is very similar to Treasure Mapping.

On a large piece of poster board draw a round circle that encompasses most of the space. In the center of the circle put a picture of some religious idea or scene that denotes a Higher Power (whatever religious/spiritual symbol that means the most to you).

Under the center circle type the following: “Divine Intelligence is in charge of my life. I am now open, receptive, and obedient to its rich instruction and guidance.” This idea is the “hub” of the wheel.

From the innermost part, draw four lines to the circumference of the circle.

Then label the four parts:
– business
– spiritual
– social
– recreational

In each of the four parts place pictures of the results you desire to achieve in each phase of your life.

For example, in the business phase, place pictures concerning the “perfect job” you want. Under that picture write “I am now activated by divine love and guided by divine power into my right work, which I perform in a perfect way for perfect pay. The Divine Plan of my life now takes shape in definite concrete experiences, leading to perfect health, happiness, success, and prosperity.”

In the family phase you could put a picture of your present home and under it put the words (if you want to sell it):”Divine Intelligence directs the right buyer to the property, everyone concerned is blessed by a just and orderly exchange of values.”

Also place a picture of a new home you want to purchase (or one close to what you desire): Divine Intelligence knows our need, knows were the right house is and knows how to manifest it to us at the right time.”

You could put your spouse in the picture too with “My spouse is now motivated by divine intelligence and divine love. He/she is also guided by divine power which now manifests in his/her every experience as perfect health, happiness, abundance and success.”

Consider putting a picture of a door on the wheel of fortune showing your ability to go forth to new experiences in faith. “As one door closes, another bigger and better door opens.”

In the social or recreational phase you can put a picture of your desired vacation. “We give thanks for the divinely planned vacation, under divinely planned conditions with the divinely planned and divinely manifest supply.”

For general prosperity use “I am now guided by Divine Intelligence, so that Divine Order is established and maintained in all my financial affairs.”

In the spiritual phase, put a picture of a church or whatever else is a symbol of your faith. “I am grateful that faith is deep in my heart and that I am Divinely guided to the right church in my surroundings.”

Put the wheel of fortune with its pictures and words in a spot where you can privately look at it and go over it every day. These words and pictures help with the imaging power of the mind.

Use this technique even if you think the wording of the affirmations is old or odd. Using the word “Divine” or “Divinely” is very powerful once you absorb what it really means.

Thanks to Catherine Ponder for this technique and description (especially in “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”

Go to Walgreens, CVS or wherever and pick up that poster board and put up your wheel of fortune or if you know how to do treasure mapping go for it! This will imprint these desires in your subconscious mind and help you with all the imaging you do throughout your day.

To your success!


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The Imaging Law of Prosperity

Now that we’ve discussed Catherine Ponder’s Creative Law of Prosperity, let’s move into her Imaging Law of Prosperity.

If there is failure or lack in your life it is because you first imagined it in your mind. I know that will anger a lot of readers and I’ll just have to accept that. But, if you look at it objectively you will see that it is correct. You may not have done any of that imagining consciously but look at the influences of your parents, teachers, siblings, religious leaders, the news, etc in inundating your mind. If you’ve just listened and accepted all that you’ve been bombarded with, your mind has been fulfilled with all of these thoughts and then it has all come to pass. Many people call that a self-fulfilling prophecy and that’s just as good a name for it. We simply have to be aware that it does happen and once aware, we are responsible for changing it.

Just as you set these things up in your mind, you can begin to dissolve these limitations and re-make your life into what you want it to be.

Imagination is much stronger than will power and when they are in conflict, imagination will always win out.

Even if your reasoning power or your will tells you that your dreams will never be or that your dreams are too big to fulfill, don’t let them win out – dare to continue imaging. Then your imagination will go to work for you to produce visible the results you have been imagining.

Whatever the mind is taught to expect, it will build, produce and bring forth to you.

More on this tomorrow. It’s an exciting avenue we’re on right now. Stay tuned.


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Be wary of writing about all your troubles to your friends. As you magnify the problem in your mind and in the minds of your friends, you’ll increase the size of the problem. It will be multiplied and that’s not what you are trying to achieve.

Stop talking about your troubles to others and stop putting anything negative in writing. When you reverse this process and secretly write out how you want these matters to be, your difficulties will begin to diminish for the first time in a long time.

Remember to secretly write out each day how you wish the day to be and how you wish your financial, business, health or other matters to turn out that day, in contrast to how they appear. Not only does this help you mind to accept the improvement of your desire, but it as though your written-out desire goes out into the ethers and is subconsciously tuned in on and everyone concerns begins to cooperate and help.

Even though it may seem to be a mystical method, if it produces practical and helpful results for your, why not give it a try?

It is so important not to spread negative things – don’t talk about what’s befallen you to others. Even though they may mean well, their dwelling on your sad state will give it energy and multiply your problems instead of adding positive energy to help you get better (physically) or get more financially sound or whatever it is you desire. And don’t tell them your woes and ask them to think positive. Many people will not be able to do that even though they may want to and they’ll start by saying “Poor Terrie, I hope she gets better from her xyz problems. I’ll be thinking positively for her” – see what happened there – they gave the negative energy to my xyz problem without even knowing it. So, the moral of the story is to just keep things to yourself and your improvement will happen much more quickly and with less effort on your part.

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When your bills arrive in the mail, instead of resenting them, write on the envelopes “I give thanks for your immediate and complete payment. You are immediately and completely paid through the rich avenues of divine substance.”

When the bills have already piled up, it is also good to make a list of those owed and the amount owing, and beside or beneath each one write out the same statement concerning their immediate payment.

If you have lots of unpaid bills for months, go through them and make a list of the amounts owed and to whom. List first those you’ve owed the longest and those which are the most urgent. Write the above statement about immediate payment.

Then make a second list, showing the ones that should be absolutely paid within the next week, along with the statement “I give thanks that you are immediately and completely paid by ____” and list the date a week from now.

Repeat this each week because the priorities may change. You’ll see that they will be paid step by step. As you are catching up, you should begin to use this technique when new bills arrive. This will help you gain control of your thinking about your financial matters.

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Begin and end your day making notes and lists. In the morning sit quietly and while you think of your day and the many big and little things you’d like to see accomplished (by yourself or by others), make a list of those desired accomplishments.

It only takes a few minutes – you’ll feel in control of your day. This is not a to do list because you should consider it a “already done” list since you’ve seen those things accomplished.

At the end of the day take another few minutes, go back over the day and write “thank you” notes to God for the blessings receive and the good accomplished. You can use your Gratitude Journal for this if you want. It has a section for notes at the bottom. You can also begin thinking of the next day and make some note about its perfect fulfillment.

You’ll be surprised that there are more blessings to list than you even expect at the beginning of the day. Do this every day and you’ll be amazed and ecstatic with the results.

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