Change Your Environment, Change Your Vibration

sphere_custom_14887No, this doesn't mean you have to pack up and move your house and all your belongings! But there are things you can do to alter your environment and remove the toxic effects.

Those things that surround you continue to influence you 24 hours a day. What you are exposed to is absorbed constantly by your subconscious mind. Then your subconscious mind affects your vibrational frequency.  And we all know that it's your vibrations that determine what you really attract via the Law of Attraction - regardless of what you "say" you want. It's all about vibration and feeling.

No matter how positive you try to be or how many affirmations you say, if your subconscious mind is constantly bombarded by the opposite - complaints, unhappiness, discontent, disarray, rumors, gossip, etc - your subconscious will rule your being more than your conscious mind.

This is a typical scenario for those who say the Law of Attraction doesn't work for them. You want happiness and joy but when you examine their your routine, you find out that you hang out around the office water cooler, listen to people complain all day about this and that or talk about what they don't have that others do (resentment and envy). "Life's not fair", "I don't have any luck", "I never get anything", etc etc etc.

Do you watch the news every night? Are you glued to CNN or MSNBC? When was the last time you saw or heard a half hour of positive happenings in the world on the evening or night time news? People want to hear about crime and blood and guts for some reason. The world doesn't appear to be interested in good things that happen throughout the world even though awesome events occur all the time. So what happens when you're exposed to all the news about crime and destruction and death and despair? That's what seeps in to your subconscious mind and when that happens, your subconscious (which is not objective at all and doesn't know good from bad) "assumes" that that is what you want more of. And guess what? It delivers more and more of the bad stuff.

Do you have friends that are down in the dumps ALL the time, complaining about others, talking about poor me or how unfair life has been to them? If so, that is what you will attract more of...more misery and more friends that are living in lack. Do you want to be surrounded by lack and unhappiness? Really? Or is it because your friends like you and you're happy that you have "friends" that care about you? Ask yourself this, they really care about you? Would they be there for you if something bad happened in your life and they would have to stop wallowing in their problems to help you through yours? Try to answer this honestly. Now I am NOT talking about your friends that have legitimate concerns - serious injuries or illnesses that have had a tremendous impact on their lives. These are truly friends in need and those to whom you must devote as much attention as they need but also privately be seeing them as completely whole (not "healing" but completely whole - you do not want to visualize or see anything to do with healing because that then implies lack - lack of health and therefore illness and that is not what we want). I'm talking about the "friends" who are always having some sort of problem or crisis no matter what the situation. They can't seem to exist without some sort of drama in their lives and they are trying to bring you into that drama - you do not want to be a part of that because it will lower your vibration and bring you down.

At work are there people who complain about everything, who don't embrace any idea of change (I am not fond of change so this one is near and dear to my heart)? It's one thing to not want to change or not be enthusiastic about it but quite another to be actively resisting it by trying to recruit other complainers and even embellishing the "hazards" of such change. Stay away from them and try to evaluate the recommendations on their own merit without the influence of others. And also without the influence of your past experience if you can do that (I'm still learning this one). One thing that will help with this is to use the Book of Positive Aspects for the person(s) who are instituting the change. Find the good things about them, write them down and see what happens.

Remember that the best way to see change in others is to change yourself. Then it doesn't matter whether they have actually changed or you have - it's what you experience that matters.

Take these steps to change your environment:

  • Evaluate the areas of your life and what your level of happiness (or prosperity) is in that area - health, peace of mind, happiness, wealth, relationships, etc
  • If you find an area that lacks what you wish, assess your environment and see if there are any influencing factors, both good and not so good:
  • Write them down and determine if you enjoy having them in your life or not
  • Assess what you can do to change the things you don't like and what you can do to add more of what you do like
  • Start your book of positive aspects and write in it every day
  • Use the rampage of appreciation even when you're in a situation when you're not as happy as you'd like to be
  • Practice using Segment Intending to create or pave your entire day and your interactions with people. You could use this to avoid interacting with the folks that aren't as positive as you'd like...and using Segment Intending this avoidance occurs without you feeling guilty or without it appearing as if you're intentionally avoiding someone. It just happens. Remember that the Universe will create what you are vibrating/feeling - so if you're feeling happy and wanting to move along calmly (let's say) during a meeting, it will bring events and situations that will be calm. If you're stressed and anxious over something, you will create more havoc because that's what you're focusing on.

Try these things to alter your environment and remove whatever it may be that is bringing your vibration down!

Get a coach to help you too. Sometimes you need help getting out of the quagmire. A Coach will help you. Contact me if you want more information on coaching.


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