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I’ve been reviewing some of these things to see what we need to be teaching next.  What stands out loud and clear is to get a better understanding of the thoughts that tell us to open another door to manifestation.  

If you have an idea……  it is yours to manifest.  I hear people frequently saying “Don’t ask!  Just turn within and all will be added.”  I went to a church once to give a seminar and it was so obvious they were in poverty.  The carpet had big holes,  The tile was loose and rooms were unusable in the children’s area. The walls had not been painted and where the roof had leaked there were stains running down the walls.  

After the seminar on “Our Obligation To Be Prosperous” in which I gave methods to help people demonstrate, a “committee” of 4 came to me and said in a quiet whisper, “Well dear, we just don’t believe in asking for more.”  I asked, “Well, what do you believe in”? The leader said, “We just turn within to the Silence and KNOW.” 

I looked around at the holes in the carpet, stained walls, leaking roof and said, “It isn’t working, is it? I’d say that you’ve been being told to ask for a long time.” 

When Henry Ford created his car, he asked for ideas for himself to build.  When medical research has ideas to create a new medicine that saves lives, he or she is being told to create.  When a person desires to learn ways to make their lives more productive, we are creating.  When an artist paints a picture, she is creating.  When a musician writes a song, when a mother teaches a child to talk, when a father helps a child learn to ride a bike, they are teaching how to demonstrate their growth processes.

We, too, learn by “doing” anything that we feel the urge to do.  The universe speaks to us through the ideas that seem to pop into our minds.  Our obligation is to recognize and ask….. “show me the way.”  That is why we are Co-creators with the energy of the universe.  It is human nature to want more, easier, better.  This is why we are here on planet Earth.   This is why we can say with authority,  “The I AM of me is the chooser who accepts the blessing the Universe is offering”. 

Every idea we accept and choose to do comes with everything that will be necessary to bring it to completion.  It brings the idea, the method,  the people who will help, the finances to implement and the completed results.   Our responsibility is to continue to ask  “Show me the next step to the completion of this miracle”.

I do hope you are writing in your gratitude journal (even when when the results seem small) so you can share it with your students when you begin to teach.  .  I go back and read the “unusual events” from when I first started and get the same degree  of soul satisfaction that I had in the beginning.



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