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What is the Define & Conquer 2013 Group?

A 4-week group (done by webinar or teleseminar), providing an opportunity for you to start 2013 off with a well thought out plan of action to achieve YOUR dreams and desires - not those of someone else. This is group coaching so you will not only get information to guide you through Dr. Wurzbacher's 7 step Goal Achievement Process (remember that this includes setting AND achieving your goals), but you'll be able to receive guidance and feedback along the way. As a part of this group you will get input from your fellow group members, as well expert guidance from Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher, noted coach and mentor.

You can make a Fresh Start any time of the year. But particularly NOW, as the New Year starts, you need help in setting and sticking with your goals.

60-90 Minutes/Week Live Classes (recordings will be available if you have to miss a class but a commitment to attending the weekly meetings is a vital part of your success).

What Will I Get From Define & Conquer 2013?

  • First and foremost, this is both a LEARNING and DOING program. So you will be ACTIVELY involved with each of the class meetings.
  • You'll benefit from the power in numbers in this group environment (and you WILL get over any shyness you have about sharing).
  • If you're not sure where you're going in 2013, but know that you don't want to spend another year spinning your wheels, this is a great opportunity:
    • to clarify your goals in the group,
    • develop your own strategic action plan and
    • get support from others who are in the same boat as you.
  • You'll have access to the vast experience of Dr. Wurzbacher. She has been a student and teacher of Law of Attraction techniques for many years.
    • She will share specific techniques you can apply when you need them.
    • Identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs will propel you to success.
  • You'll be able to stay on track with any other programs that you are studying during this time - just by knowing HOW to focus on the outcomes you want.

What Do I Get With Define & Conquer 2013?

  • 4 Meetings, starting January 8.
  • Membership site access (no more download links to worry about)
  • Lifetime access to all of the recordings
  • Replays and recordings for download, although you are STRONGLY urged to be present (and undistracted) during the meeting time.
  • Gratitude Journal Software (for PC only)
  • Transcript from the 7 Step Goal Achievement Process Webinar
  • A private discussion group where we can keep in touch between our weekly meetings
  • A growing circle of friendships and support that will help you work toward your 2013 goals faster than you thought possible!
  • 1 free coaching session with Dr. Wurzbacher to help you get past whatever sticking point you're having.

What's My Investment?

Because this is a private coaching session, where you and your fellow participants may reveal personal information, there are a few agreements we want to be sure you understand.

Yes, Terrie. I want to be a part of Define & Conquer 2013. I recognize that for the good of all involved, I must agree to these requirements:

1. I will attend meetings live. Define & Conquer 2013 meets January 8, 15, 22, and 29th at 7:00 pm central. We will be meeting on a teleseminar or webinar line on which I can connect via phone or online.

2. I need to participate on the call, sharing personal successes and goals with everyone in the group. (If you are not comfortable sharing, this is not the right group for you.)

3. I grant permission to be recorded. While this group is primarily designed for the participants in the live Define & Conquer 2013 group, portions of it may be used for case studies and examples in other settings.

4. I am willing to provide feedback on the group - how it's working, how effective it is, and things that can improve it.


As soon as you complete payment, you will be taken to the registration page for the Members’ site, where you will create your account.

You will also receive an email confirming registration and giving you details on the first teleseminar. And naturally I’ll be following up with more details as we get closer to the start of the course.

The program is limited to 6 members!

Yes, Terrie, I want to join the course.
I agree to the requirements and am happy to pay
$97 one-time for 4 weeks of Define & Conquer 2013.