Did September 11th 2001 Change Your Life?

The hearts of everyone in the United States stood still that horrific day in 2001 and our brains were numb. In fact, most everything was numb in most of us. Such is the human body's reaction to tremendous trauma like we experienced that day. Not that there has been anything like that in most of our life times. But were all those lives lost in vain?

If you didn't change your life and your outlook on life after that fateful day, then yes, they were lost in vain.

That was a day when we all questioned the existence of a good God, Higher Power or Divine Mind. You've read how we tell you to say "I declare it good". How could we possibly declare that event good? You have to look at tragedy and know that something good will come from it. This applies not only to the world but to you and your daily life.

Please take some time today and do two things. One is to remember the bravery and selflessness that was exhibited all over our country that day, especially in New York where no one ever thinks good things can happen.

The second thing I want you to do is to look at how your life has changed because of that day. Did you realize that you must live each day to the max - that there may not be a tomorrow? Did you realize that we are not alone and that selfishness does not get us anywhere? That when the chips are down we must take care of and support each other? Perhaps you learned not to be so judgmental? Or maybe it was to tell people you loved them at every possible opportunity?

I encourage you to post below any memories or thoughts you have regarding that day in America - never forget the sacrifices and courage exhibited in New York, DC and Pennsylvania on 11 September 2001. Post your feelings and thoughts.  What motivated you that day?

For those of you not in the United States, post how that day has affected your life as well.

We will never forget and we learn from the stories of strength and survival.


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7 thoughts on “Did September 11th 2001 Change Your Life?

  1. As a counselor, last week, I tried to prepare my patients for today. Many of my patients were eager to share their personal experience and I shared with the groups my personal reaction and views, hoping by sharing I to could work through the trauma and forget the day, but this morning when I opened the newspaper, the headlines were a painful reminder of the sorrow, bravery and sacriface many people made that day. Yes, 9-11 changed me. I felt a profound loss and a connection with the people of New York. Before NYC was a place of faceless people, who hid behind curtained windows, but 9-11 gave New Yorkers a face and we all became citizens of New York.

    • Thank you for trying to prepare them. And thank you for seeing us New Yorkers differently even if it took a massive tragedy for that to happen around the country. You know better than I that pain can be a good thing. But it’s still extremely hard to endure. Listening to all these names being read and seeing the people behind the “victims” 10 years later has been an interesting experience. Thank you for posting.


  2. That day was a day I will never forget, even if I live in Italy, I was born in NY and still have family there as well as in PA. My nephew was also enlisted in the Army and I was so afraid that that event would cause another world war. I could not get in touch with any family members, there was no internet, no phone connnections, nothing. For three days I was without words and numb down to the bone. I remember praying and asking for Divine Intervention and Divine Protection. I cried alot and the clients and my family here were so uplifting that I can only thank God and be so grateful for there moral support. I also am grateful for the people that worked so hard to help the survivors and to give support in every form immaginable. I remember going back to NY a year later and crying at the site and feeling the loss. My father had worked in the construction of the TT. So many memories came flooding back. I remember seeeing a NY I had never experienced before. The people were so warm and friendly. The subways felt safe and were so clean. I am so grateful for the changes that have taken place and for the good that has come out of this. Thank you God for getting us through this experience, we are blessed and grateful for your Divine Intervention.

  3. To each of you, thank you for sharing. Here are a few more thoughts on the topic.
    Today is 9/11/11 ten years after the World Trade Towers and Pentagon were attacked. What have we learned? What has happened to the nation as a whole? I can only speak for myself. For me today has been a day of mourning… a day of reflection… a day to look inside of myself and reconcile the two sides, the Warrior Woman and the metaphysical Peace Keeper.
    Ten years ago, the Warrior Woman said, “Don’t they know we can wipe them off the face of the Earth?” The Peace Keeper reminded, “Bless those who persecute you.” Even today the two sides war, “We killed him, and we’ve gotten revenge.” The Peace Keeper reminds me, “You only bring revenge on one’s self when you desire revenge, continue to forgive and bless others always.”
    As a therapist, I know one has to feel the pain to heal, and when we refuse to feel the hurt, it grows deeper and festers, eventually causing illness either physical or emotional and sometimes both. Today let us grief and pray for the innocent victims, strength, wisdom, courage and the Universe continued blessings.

  4. watching the events of Sept 11 unfolding on my television in Australia, I felt dumbstruck and numb at the evil intent and horror of such actions. Like so many images on tv, one feels remote and unable to relate emotionally to the real depth and intensity of what was happening in another part of the world. The sudden, unexpected loss or severe injury to any one person has traumatic effects on loved ones and close associates. To have this happen on such a large scale traumatised a whole city and spread throughout your nation.
    The positives I have seen and would like to see come out of this tragedy are the breaking down of the dehumanising barriers that individualism and materialism put between us as residents of any city or nation in capitalistic economies. This is how the people who took part in rescue efforts and supported rescue workers in so many ways behaved – New York became a wonderful community of caring neighbours and shows what we humans are truly made of and for.
    Also, anything that can make us stop in our tracks and become aware of other, different points of view and ways of living and accept that our way isnt necessarily the best way for all, can only contribute to a more tolerant, peaceful society of nations.
    While acts of violence, extremism and terrorism can never be condoned or tolerated, declaring war on people or nations has never, to my knowledge, led to real peace.
    I think we need to ask ourselves what it is we want to preserve and prosper about our societies, and how can we change our attitudes so that others find us strong, admirable, peaceful allies.
    Acceptance and compassion can be contageous!

  5. For years my people have migrated to US for better opportunities, settled there, loved the country and made it their own. So, I too always had my love and respect for this country. As a child I used to fantasize about those people who created a great new world…
    After 9-11, I understood, why they were great and how they had left behind a greater legacy of courage, conviction, hard work and creativity. I do salute you New Yorkers.
    I was born and brought up in a secular country where great poets sang for a world where mind would be without fear, knowledge would be free. I belong to a continent, which gave birth to three great religions of present world. Still our schools taught us that there is a single God and I am part of him/her. So, I often wonder where all these wisdom has gone?
    However, I do believe that nothing is lost. I do believe in fairies.