Does Your Family Tell You What To Do?


How can I convince my family to stop telling me what I “ought” to be doing. I’m 42 years old, have a good income but family holidays are a nightmare with everyone giving me advice. Help!


My sister asked me many years ago “Why is it everybody tells me what I should be doing, what kind of car to buy, where to go on my vacation, etc. and nobody ever tells you what to do.” I thought for a moment and realized the reason. I never told anyone what I was going to do. I waited until after I had done it and then showed them the results.

One of the first metaphysical suggestions we are given is to not tell what we are thinking about or planning. We are told to make up our minds, make our plans, take the action, show the results. If we need advice, we go to an expert in the field, get any related facts, and make up our minds without the help of others.

When people constantly ask for advice they are frequently looking for someone to blame just in case they make the wrong decision. There is no learning process in that. One of the reasons we come to planet Earth is to learn wisdom. We learn wisdom by looking at the different opportunities, evaluating them and making a decision about our own lives. Nobody else can do that for us.


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