Don’t Be A Ping Pong Ball

img_1519Do you find yourself not getting what you want?

Perhaps it's because you haven't specified to the Universe exactly what you want. Or, you might have said "I want this" one day and then another day say "oh, I really want that" - bouncing back and forth between items.

I've told you many times about why I haven't gotten a new car. I bounce between wanting a Honda hybrid and a Toyota hybrid. Until I can make up my mind, the Universe continues to play ping pong. It fills one "order" and then when I think that maybe the other type of car has better features, it starts to fulfill that order. But then I'll flip back again. Who knows how many orders for a new car the  Universe has fulfilled for me. But, I will tell you that it has NOT delivered any of them because I have never hit the "Place order" button. You know how when you order things, you have to go through several steps but the final step is always placing your order. You can hit the back button or change this or change that all you want. However, you won't ever receive your order if you never place it.

What i would have to do (and you, as well, substituting your desire for my car analogy/metaphor) is make up my mind about which vehicle I want - bottom line, nothing more, nothing less. How simple can it be? Why do you think I can't make up my mind? I'm not certain except that I don't want a new vehicle badly enough. I love my current car and only want a second car as a backup. I don't need a car like that as a second car. I also have no space right now in my garage. If I really wanted the car, I would clean out a place for it, go look at potential vehicles so I could see which one drove like I like it, smelled and looked like I like it, etc. I would be taking action! Remember that the Universe loves action.

It's one thing to sit around and talk about "gee, I'd really like something" and yet do nothing about it. Recently I hurt my back and I could have sat around and whined about not being able to run or sit or do much of anything. But, I took action - I pulled out all the stops - I made appointments with my acupuncturist, my AIRROSTI provider, found the two medicines I've used with success and rested. I adjusted my environment so I had to stand, not only because it hurt more to sit but also because it is healthier to stand.  I found all the positive aspects of this situation that I could. I did NOT dwell on the pain and problems. I focused on getting it better. And it is getting better. If I had just concentrated on how bad it was and how it was negatively impacting my running (and my life), I would have succeeded only in receiving more of the same. And that is NOT what I want at all.

You have to take some time to decide what it is you really want. You can use the clarity vs contrast procedure to do that. Think about what you don't want and then write down the opposite - how does that feel inside you - if it feels good, then it's  what you want and you can then proceed to define the specifics of it (to continue to use the car - I would list the color, whether automatic or standard, how many doors, how many cylinders, etc right down to the interior surface and color and radio..all the specifics). Then I would 'Place my Order" by saying "this is the car I want" and then I would LET GO! just as you do when you send in an order. You sit and wait for it to be delivered, knowing that it will come on schedule. We will talk about checking

Stop changing your mind. Figure out what you want (find your "why" first - that will help you determine what it is you really want easier), tell the Universe with feeling and be adamant about it and then let it come to you!


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