Dr. Mary Beth Olson No Cost Teleseminar

This coming Tuesday  October 17, 2006, we’ll be conducting a teleseminar with Dr. Mary Beth Olson, master of the Aramaic Bible and culture. This will be at 5 p.m. Pacific, 7 p.m. Central, 8 p.m. Eastern.

Dr. Olson combines the Aramaic culture in Jesus time and in today’s world as she expertly describes and teaches the real meanings of the stories we have all heard. Her love of the philosophy that Jesus taught and her unique ability to bring the stories to life create a  fascinating workshop that captivates her students.

These are some of the topics she’ll be touching on (the things she doesn’t cover in the teleseminar will be covered in her workshops at the Church of Today here in San Antonio this coming weekend- CDs will be available - contact me if you’re interested):

  •        The Aramaic Speaking Jesus
  •        Moses and the Burning Bush
  •        Moses and the Reed Sea
  •        Noah and the Flood
  •        In which Bethlehem was Jesus born?
  •        Women in the Church
  •        The Gnostic Jesus
  •        The Beginnings of Christianity
  •        The Beatitudes from the Aramaic
  •        The Difference between the King James and Aramaic Bibles
  •        The Temptations of Jesus
  •        The Seven Last Words
  •        Who REALLY wrote the Gospels?

Delightful surprises are in store as you hear the translation  as Mary Beth  gives the definitions from the 2000 year old writings in Aramaic.

Join us. Remember it’s NO COST to you.



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