Eat, Drink & Be Really Merry This Holiday Season

The Eat, Drink & BE Merry This Holiday Season Course starts Sunday 20 November 2015. Sign up here for this no-cost class which will provide a much different approach to the holidays (and the upcoming year) than the usual Diet, Deprivation and Guilt cycle you may have experienced in the past.

This course is based on the principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition which simply emphasizes that weight loss or gain and your body's metabolism is based on much, much more than the simple calories in, calories out philosophy perpetuated by the diet and fitness industry.

Join us if you want to have a holiday season without the additional stress of worrying about whether you'll gain weight. You should NOT have to make a choice between enjoying the holiday (and feeling guilty with everything you put in your mouth) or depriving yourself (and merely wishing the holidays were over).

Plus, all that we'll be discussing in this 3-4 week course will pave the way for you to enter the new year without having to put "weight loss" as your number one New Year's resolution (which is rarely effective and we'll discuss why).

There is NO COST for this course (my holiday gift to you) but you must sign up. So fill out the form below to receive information and details about this class.

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"Eat, Drink & Be Really Merry This Holiday Season" which begins Sunday 22 Nov 2015