Effective Goal Setting E-Course

This is the time of year when people tend to have “good intentions” and set new goals. I believe we should be setting new goals all year round. So, this e-course will be available all year round. But many people want to get started in the next few days.

Dr. Anne Kunath has a unique method of teaching. Most of you know that. But she really identifies a major area where attention is needed in the field of Goal-Setting.

You MUST clear out your old memories (including those cellular memories that we may or may not actually remember but your mind does) and belief systems. This is done through the use of the Burning Bowl. Using the Burning Bowl will allow the universe to bring your goals to you much more rapidly.

Try this out. Even if you don’t use the e-course right now, print out the 5 emails (over 7 days) and you’ll have your own Goal Setting manual.

This is no-cost to you!

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