Eliminating Frustration With Fellow Workers


How do I eliminate feelings of anger and frustration for people I work with who are constantly complaining, gossiping, and not getting their work done?


When you feel anger and irritation you are giving energy to the problem.

Take the energy off the problem and put it on a solution. If these people are not in your direct link of responsibility, learn ways to get your mind on to something else.

When you master the technique of “taking the wood off the fire” you will let the “fire go out” and the problem will dissolve. This is not as easy as it sounds but it can be done.

Then you begin to make affirmations of peace and harmony in the workplace.

Denials first.

“I never complain and I do not attract people who complain.”

“I never gossip and I do not attract people who gossip. I never waste time or leave work undone.”

Then do affirmations.

“I am always happy and positive and I always attract happy, positive people.I am competent and effective and I am surrounded by competent and effective people.”

“We soon have the reputation of being the most efficient and productive (units, organization, department, etc.) in the business.”

Try it for awhile and see how it works. Comment below so we can see if you’re having the success you can have.

Terrie & Anne

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