Everyday New Thought OPENS MONDAY 25 Feb 2008!

Amazing! The time is here for opening day - Everyday New Thought has been a long time in the making and will finally open its doors on Monday 25 February 2008. Any time after 5 a.m. central time Monday morning you can sign up and become a Charter Member of Everyday New Thought.  Hopefully you’ve already taken the tour either through the videos on this site or the one on Everyday New Thought. If not, take the tour now.

You’ll have access to

  • our teleseminar replays (all of the ones we’ve ever done) any time of the day or night,
  • software,
  • private discussion forums - probably the best part of the entire site,
  • downloads of the audios,
  • affirmations,
  • meditations,
  • ask the expert
  • request a topic and
  • much much more.

We want you to start and end your day with us! This will help you Practice What You Wish To Become…which should be the goal of all of us.  You can post anything you want in the discussion forum - tell your New Thought Family your “gratitudes” for the day, tell them your goals and ask for pointers, look for like-minded souls to be in a mastermind, give support to others who are looking for advice or who are new to the field. There are so many uses for the discussion boards.

Charter Membership comes with a $1.00 (one dollar) membership fee for the first 30 days followed by a recurring charge of $15.00 a month automatically billed. When you consider that our teleseminars cost a minimum of $25.00 a week alone to say nothing of the articles, downloads, digital books, software and access to the expert - this Charter Membership is definitely a bargain. If we were to charge JUST for the teleseminars you’d be paying $85.00 more for the 4 teleseminars a month.

We are looking for folks who are willing to do some work to help us make sure the site gets going and is as ready as possible. These are the Premier Members. But, along with the additional responsibilities comes extra benefits. However, this is not for everyone. It will take a bit more time than the average member may have. If you’re interested in helping to brand Everyday New Thought, fill in the form below and you’ll receive information about this special program. If you’d rather you can contact me.

Interested in Premier Membership? Enter your name and email address in the form below (your phone number is optional). This will be a private selection.


Remember to save the 25th of February to join Everyday New Thought Community Membership Site!


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