Everyday New Thought vs. Getting Unstuck Store?

Hi everyone,

   How’ve you been? Anne has posted several great messages - what a great mind she has!

   We’ve both been very busy working in Everyday New Thought Community Membership Site - posting on the forum (general, Divine Surprise forum, mastermind interest, etc), putting up more audios. We’ve got all the replays up, and a majority of the teleseminar mp3s are available for download too.

   Oh, and there’s two new pieces of software…the treasure map software is available for members and there’s an “audio clip grabber” software too that allows you to grab bits of audio and save it - this is terrific for saving affirmations or parts of an hour long teleseminar.  All these are free of charge for members.

  I’m going through Anne’s old lessons and posting them as I get done editing each of them.

  1 June 2008 the Charter Membership plan will end and the monthly price will go up  to $27.00 per month - still a small price for the benefits you get from the camaraderie and closeness of our New Thought Family. So, it behooves you to join now. There’s only a little over a week left to become a Charter member.

  For those folks who still aren’t sure about the advantages of joining  Everyday New Thought Community Membership Site, you might want to check out The Getting Unstuck Mall - our store where you can purchase teleseminar mp3 files individually. Check them out - see if you like our teaching technique and the content. However, remember this - purchasing one product will be the same price as a month’s membership (right now anyway). So, hop on over to the Mall and see if there’s anything you’d like to download!

  I’m sure you noticed that there is a new Getting Unstuck, LLC Newsletter available too.


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