Everything In The World Is Good..

Everything in this world is good. The hummingbirds don’t know sugar is supposed to kill you, so they drink sugar water and are fed.

There are some mice that don’t know arsenic is supposed to kill them. They have become immune to it. I’m not suggesting we eat arsenic. What I am suggesting is that we stop putting a negative on anything in life and declare it all good.

If you believe that sugar is not good for you, and there are three grains of sugar in the sauce on your chicken or vegetables at a restaurant, it will find a way for you not to feel well afterward because it will work according to you belief. Make those changes prior. Stop giving energy to what has been claimed bad in the world and begin to declare everything good.

We believe in the omnipresence of God. God is everywhere in all things, all wisdom and all understanding. God is, period, all of the goodness in the world.

From the Garden of Eden, what we name things to be is what it becomes. God gave power in the Garden of Eden to name the animals, birds and trees. Somewhere along the line we started naming poison oak and poison ivy bad, so it became bad.

Everything that we name good is good for us, to us and through us. That doesn’t mean you should play with poison ivy this afternoon. It means you should change yourself first then play with it.

I used to have a woman who believed in all of the Edgar Cayce teachings, which were that you were supposed to eat foods in a certain way and with certain things. She couldn’t understand the way that I didn’t follow those rules.

I told her that it’s not what goes into your mouth but what comes out of your mouth that is good. She said Edgar Cayce didn’t say that, so I had to get my book to look it up. God also says that in the bible. It’s what comes out of your mouth.

The attitude and the feelings that we have must be in the good line. You didn’t get to where you are by calling things bad in one day. It will take more than one day to remember to claim everything good in your life. That’s the way you will grow in spirit, health, happiness and wholeness into the newness that you want in life. This is what all of us want. We’re going to make it happen.


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