FAQ – Explaining Jesus Metaphysically

Question: How do you explain Jesus from a metaphysical perspective?

Answer: We look at Jesus the man vs. Jesus the Christ.

Jesus the man is a person like us except he knew God (as the Christ) was within him.

Jesus the Christ is like us after we recognize that God is Omnipresent and is within everything, including people.

It is the acceptance that God, Life Force, Energy, etc. cannot be separated from His children. It is the ability to know that we think and become creative as Jesus knew so well.

There are religions that will argue this. Let them. Your “knowing” keeps you in free thinking mode. They will never persuade you that God is not your father, too.

The energy that is within us is Holy. God is inside and not on a mountain top wearing a white robe and sandals. That is what Omnipresent means.



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