FAQ-To Stop Others or Not To Stop?

More questions!!!


1. How do you handle your own thinking when someone you love is doing something you know is a mistake, and you can’t stop them/wise them up, etc

2. How can you get people into Metaphysics when they don’t want to…

Good questions. Handling your own thinking is one of the biggest areas we need to work on.

When we hear others using negative words, talking about what is “wrong” with the world, “wrong” with people, “wrong” with food, “wrong” with the government, and with people who like to spread “crisis information”, our job is to counter what they are saying.

That sometimes seems hopeless. The best way to counter it is to change the subject.

Begin to discuss anything else…. like a movie, somebody’s birthday, some fun thing you remember from another time you were together. Ask a question about others in the family. Discuss children’s school, anything your mind goes to that will change the direction of the conversation.

If that doesn’t work immediately you can visualize a big plastic bubble over them that prevents (mentally) the words from going out into the universe.

What happens then is the persons will be surrounded by their own discomfort of negative emotions and will be searching for a way out.

Soon they will begin to WANT a change of their own topic. Eventually they will get the message.

Q # 2. The best way to get other people to begin to study metaphysics is to be a glowing example of happiness and success, When we try to “help” others learn by telling them, they get resentful.

When they see your success, they are more apt to come to you and ask what is happening in your life. When they get to the point of asking, they will listen very carefully. That is the first step is the other person’s listening and beginning to change.

Hope these help you!


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