Financial Independence Can Be Yours

One of the desires of all prosperous minded people is to be self-supporting and financially independent. Poverty is a universal fear of mankind.

 Once you learn the power which you release through prosperous thinking, it will dawn upon you that the possibility of financial independence isn’t so far-fetched after all; you will realize that it isn’t just meant for other folks, but that it is meant for you too!

To one person financial independence might simply suggest a well paying, dependable job, through which he could consistently meet financial obligations and feel free from daily financial demands.
Another person might be thinking in millionaire terms. As you progress financially, your ideas of financial independence expand so that you want to have greater and greater financial freedom. Your definition of financial freedom will change as you grow.

The desire to be self-supporting and financially independent is a divine desire that has been implanted in the intellectual and emotional nature of man to help him progress, to achieve and to build a worthwhile life for himself.

The desire for financial independence - no matter what your definition) is a divine idea that should not be suppressed, but expressed constructively through the mind of man. When it is expressed man is able to experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that God wants him to have.

Don’t accept things as they are

Dissatisfaction with present financial conditions is the first step toward attaining financial independence. Don’t settle - don’t settle for things as they are.

You have the power, through prosperous thought and action, to change them into something far better and more satisfying. This is your key to financial independence - if you dare to use it.

Listen to your “Divine Dissatisfaction” and act on it. You have to let go, refuse to accept an unsatisfactory situation before the right doors will open.

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