Getting Out of Debt Teleseminar – Part 2


There is scientific basis for generating the energy to part the ways and make your demands come forth!

Most of you probably already know this but have you applied it to your own creative changes?
We’re going to discuss:

1. Why Being relaxed is important. We’ll talk about the different brain levels:

 a. Beta level is like an active computer - it overrules  changes - your mind is not receptive to words, ideas, change

 b. Alpha level is your relaxed, peaceful, light sleep, dream state - your mind becomes receptive

 c. Theta level  is your deeply relaxed state (deep sleep, coma) - your mind completely accepts direction and change

 d. Delta level -  preferences active upon awakening - instant change when awakened.

2. How to get to these different levels.

3. Where you can find tapes, cd’s, etc.

4. What else you can do.

Call Details

Day: Thursday

Date: 2 October 2008

Time: 7:05 p.m. Central
           5:05 p.m. Pacific
           8:05 p.m. Eastern

Length:  60 minutes

Replay: Only available for members of Everyday New Thought Membership Site

Mode:  Phone OR Simulcast - listen on the web and ask your questions as the teleseminar progresses.

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