Go “Beyond The Secret” with us for 6 weeks…

Wow, are Anne and I excited about the Teleseminar Series Workshop we’re starting this Thursday the 22nd of March! It’s called “Beyond The Secret”.

By now almost everyone’s at least heard of “The Secret” - a phenomenal movie (and book and CD) sweeping the earth. It is really cool that the Law of Attraction is being brought to the forefront of our lives, especially at a time when there is so much negativity in the world. If you haven’t seen it, for something like $4.95 you can watch it at The Secret website or you can get a copy of The Secret (Extended Edition) at Amazon.com.

Speaking of negativity though, the naysayers are rearing their ugly heads minute by minute and day by day about “The Secret”. There are many arguments and many reasons voiced to put it down.

Some of this negativity is from those who have “tried” to apply “The Secret” and haven’t been successful. They can’t figure out why because they have followed the instructions in “The Secret” to the tee and it hasn’t worked. What’s wrong?

Well, what’s wrong is that there are other Universal Laws that must be used and “worked” for your life to be totally prosperous (remember that prosperity is more than money).

In this 6 week, 5 teleseminar series, Anne will analyze “The Secret” and then go deeply into the vital laws of Consciousness and Mind Action.

Check out “Beyond The Secret” and register now.

If you don’t have a copy get The Secret (Extended Edition)

The book The Secret has even more details than the movie - if you can imagine that!




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