Going Through the Big “D”

and I Don’t Mean “Diet”…..

First, a disclaimer - this is not a nutritional or exercise program nor is it a “diet”.

It’s a metaphysical weight loss management system. You can use whatever eating plan and/or exercise plan you want - or you can just use this program to identify things that will help you in the future.

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How do you respond (or react) to stress?

Do you overeat or just continually nibble?

Do you have issues with weight even without added stress?

I do!


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I happen to love bicycling and The Tour de France. I recognized that the Tour de France has such similarities to life in general.

It’s 23 days long and has 21 “Stages” and 2 rest days. So how is that like life? The 21 days caught my eye and made me realize that if we can do anything for 21 days we have a great chance of changing our behaviors.

The riders have to traverse many mountains - some are “easy” and some are steeper and longer than the dickens.

Our lives have mountains of many different types. Then there are stages that are flat - things are free and easy for us and we think we’ve conquered the world…but, alas, then along comes either a “sprint” where things are coming at us fast and furious, or another mountain rears its head.

Many of our weight management issues are related to our belief systems - values and ideas that are literally “stuffed” down inside of us from childhood on from many sources.

We have to dig them out and examine them. Only by identifying what’s going on with us will we be able to change.

That’s one premise for the Tour de Life Weight Management Program.

The other is that it’s very difficult to be successful in changing your habits if you don’t prepare and practice.

Do you think those bikers ride 2100+ miles without any practice? Heck no.

They train and train and practice techniques that help them get up the mountains and then back down them in adverse conditions etc.

I know that when I stopped smoking, I had to give myself a few weeks to prepare what I was going to do at the times I really “needed” a cigarette.

If I had not planned any of that I would have failed. Instead, I set a date to stop and had an armament of tools to combat my old beliefs.

So we have to “train” - we have to figure out what techniques we’ll use, what questions we’ll ask ourselves and how we’ll deal with additional stresses etc. Planning and Preparing. That’s what we want you to do with us over the next 2 months.

We want you to train for the Tour de Life for 3 weeks and then participate in the Tour de Life for 23 days over the December holidays.

Why are we doing it over the holidays? Well, it’s a good way to look at yourself and your beliefs and goals for the upcoming new year.

But it’s also a great time where you just “know” you’re going to have alot of mountains in your life. And there’s even one in the “training” period (Thanksgiving) for you to work with.

Of course, you also have the option to make the major holidays “rest days” so that you will be able to enjoy yourself.

The other reason for doing it over the holidays is that most people (even if they are not overweight) have difficulty avoiding gaining weight at this time of year.

This program will help them too. We want you to prove to yourself that you are able to conquer your weight issues by delving deep into yourself, your beliefs, and your goals.

But most people can’t make long term changes by themselves. They really need help. Tour de Life will provide you with that - we have an entire website that has a forum which you will be strongly encouraged to participate in - you can ask for help dealing with your issues or temptations and more importantly you will be giving help to others - an essential part of your program.

The Training phase for the Tour de Life will be from the 21st of November through 11 December 2008.

The actual Tour de Life will be from the 12th of December 2008 through 3 January 2009.

You will receive multiple items:

- A workbook

- a guidebook to explain much of what you’ve experienced all your life when struggling with your weight.

It will also explain this system.

- A Hard Copy Journal (or you can download the word document)

- you can write in the journal or type in it as the days and weeks go by.

There are leading and questions to help you find out what you need to know.

- Affirmations and Denials for various situations where eating (or your weight) is an issue.

- A specially made Tour de Life Software Program where you can record your goals, your beliefs, your mountains and your daily progress. This is a really cool program I had specially made for the Tour de Life.

As you may have guessed, we also plan to implement the Tour de Life concept in other aspects of your life.

What does this cost? Nothing in terms of money. Time and desire to look into yourself and your past - yes.

Is this a diet and exercise program? Not at all. There are way too many diets out there and none of them work for everyone. It’s more what you put in your mind than in your mouth that matters to us.

We trust everyone who participates in this program to have a fair amount of experience with “diets”. That is not what this is all about. No one can “diet” forever.

But we can change our thoughts and beliefs forever. And that will then change our eating and exercising as we move through our discoveries.

Who will know about your participation? Only those you tell (and we don’t recommend you tell very many people around you at all).

The major support you should hope to receive will be from other Tour de Lifers! People who are going through the exact same process as you are.

Please note that access to this site will require registration as will access to My Tour de Life - this may get to be irritating when you have to give the info for these sites but the point is to ensure privacy for you during the program.

I am not going to do anything weird with your info. If you’re wish to participate in this year’s Tour de Life and start your training program (Tour de Life Training) Friday the 21st of November 2008, fill in your name and email adddress in the boxes below.

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Join me won’t you? I’ll be looking for you in the forum….. Terrie