Help Me Write My Book – 2014 Is The Year of You!

Old book with feather and inkpotI want this year t o be YOUR year! I want to help you in any way I can.  I know that each of you has a story or a question and feel that you want to help others but perhaps, don't feel that you have an entire book inside of you! Well, here's the answer.

So what does that have to do with you helping me write my book?

Simply this - I want this book to be about you, about what you want, what you need, what you've experienced, what you've succeeded at and anything else you can think of!

Metaphysics is much more than the Law of Attraction but "The Secret" did the world a very big favor by bringing the basic concepts of metaphysics or New Thought to the attention of everyone.  However, many people still think that the Law of Attraction doesn't work. And the reason they feel that is because they don't understand that there's other concepts that go along with it that have to be working too. The Universe operates like a well - oiled machine. I want to be the WD-40 for people to get that machine working, keep the cogs turning smoothly or get the rust out of the machinery so that it can work.

How can you help me? This book is about using the Universal Laws (all of them) and how they affect your life. Here are a few of the ways you can help:

1) Ask me questions. They can be general questions about how does this work or why doesn't that work. Or it can be something specific to your situation. If you're going to ask a question specific to your situation, you nmultiple_signs_questions_400_clr_13402eed to provide enough information that I can get an idea of all the factors involved. Or, if you give me your contact information (which I hope you do anyway) I can ask for clarification. This is a first "attempt" to involve you in my endeavor. By the way, I won't be able to answer you directly -that is not the purpose of this. However, if it's a pertinent question I might do a post here on the subject as well as include it in the book (or perhaps instead of including it).


2) podcasting_400_clr_7261 Allow me to interview you. If you have had successes or a process that's worked really well for you, share it with us via interview. This is a powerful way to get your success out there and when you send out the successful vibrations to the Universe, you will receive even more back. Plus, your story will help others that you may never know about but may make a big difference in their life. I don't know about you but that thought sends goosebumps up and down my spine.  The interviews are very informal and are just between you and me - they are not on the radio or in front of others. I may get them transcribed and use them in the book. But I will either get your permission to use your name and story or if that's not something you want (and I certainly understand) I will change the names and particulars of the story for your privacy.


iStock_000019425018XSmall 3) Send me your story. Similar to number 2 but without the audio interview. Just tell me your success or your story and the same principles apply. Help others. That should be our theme for this year. In helping others we receive so much back from  the Universe.

4) Send me a process or method. You may not think you have a "whole story" but you have a particular technique/process/method you use to help you in certain situations (for example, some people use Abraham-Hicks' placemat process to help eliminate overwhelm. Many use EFT but use it doing something consistently. Others have other clearing techniques they use).

5) Send me affirmations that have worked for you and helped you change your thinking.

6) Send me a list of your beliefs, whether limiting or empowering. This will be one of the most helpful things for other folks out there - because many people have the very same limiting beliefs. Also you can tell me

  • How you've identified your limiting beliefs.
  • How you've changed those limiting beliefs.


7) Volunteer to be a part of a group involved in creating this book. I don't know any more specifics at this point because I don't know where it's all going but the more people involved, the better.  As you get more involved, you might remember what's worked for you no matter how small. The more you read about other successes, the more you go "oh, yeah, this is what I did the year that I found that great job".
8) Anything else you can think of!

Are you willing to help us help others? As this evolves, those that are willing to help will have special access to material and me. There will be teleseminars (I'd love to have a monthly question and answer teleseminar for all of you but need your questions in order to do that), articles, audios etc and if your submission helps me with this, not only will you be a part of that special membership area but you'll also receive an advance copy of the book when it's ready (may be digital at first). This offer is for those who are serious about helping and willing to provide their names, email addresses and physical addresses. I will determine who is part of the membership area based on the contribution.

You can email me (use the contact button on the home page) but even better would be to comment here so that you can help stimulate the minds of others.  If you're on our email list, you will be getting several emails about this because often people don't read the first one or two that are sent because they're so busy or because of spam or whatever other reason.

I'm excited and I hope you are! I know there is a story inside of you, a success, something you are just itching to share with others.

Thanks in advance! I'll keep you posted.


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15 thoughts on “Help Me Write My Book – 2014 Is The Year of You!

    • Thanks Jeanette! I’m so excited about this “team” project – and I’m even more excited that you’re willing to help me! Thank you. This is the year of YOU!

    • Thanks Piyali,
      Now you have to help me! You know I can’t do it all by myself (since you’re the real writer) 🙂

      • hmm… this is leg pulling 😀
        I will always be there to help you Terrie and I know you will beautify whatever garble I produce.

        • Ha Ha Piyali – you have been with us for such a long time – I know you’ve learned alot and changed your life alot so let me hear it. You rock! 🙂

  1. Dear Dr. Terri,

    Thanks for your mail. I’m just wondering how on earth you have asked me to help you write a book. Yes. I do like to begin writing one but I do not have the skill for it.
    I’ve been reading a lot since I went into depression for a personal rift I had with my family members and no one stood by me, even my husband. I knew i had to save
    my life and back back to proving myself. I’ve read the book The Secret. Rhonda
    gave me the secret that to achieve what you want is the secret to believing in yourself and the power of the universe. The Law attracts what you attract. That is
    if you attract sadness or happiness that is what you get. I had to competly drain out all my negative thoughts. I had to believe that I was born into this world with an empty mind. In the course of my life, I picked up rights and wrongs
    from the people with whom I was surrounded with and the beliefs that I carried
    with me. Reading all kinds of positive books from Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winnefry, Susan Jaffers, Otto & Susie, etc. EFT TAPPING, YOGA, spirituality of many yogis, bible, etc. etc. help me realise that everything is energy within us.
    We cannot change what ever mistakes we commit in the past and dwell on those things, the past can never be erased, but with will power we can just forget about it and erase it out completely out of our minds thus setting us free.
    The power of yoga to erase out our thoughts and just live in the present moment is all we need to do. There is nobody to make you happy or sad, it is the thoughts within us that creates our state of life.

    I’m just a sales women working in a shop. I do not have riches or great wealth, but I have learned just to go with the flow. Remain silent and be an observer
    of the people around you and talk only when needed, of coourse you can be
    jolly, crack jokes, dress to please yourself and be in tune with the lifestyle of
    what you want to keep yourself feeling happy and content. I believe the universe will do the rest for you.

    I’m not good in writing so please take what you think helps to write your book
    so that this could help people get back to their life.

    Wishing you all the best.


    • Fiona,
      Thank you for sharing your story. It is wonderful of you to do that and I am so appreciative of you. Don’t worry about being good or bad in writing. It’s your story that I’m after and you gave it to me. That is courageous and I thank you. Can you tell me how you drained out your negative thoughts? What processes did you use? You have made such great changes and I’m so proud of you!

  2. It is great action. I am the authoress of 25 books and am still writing blogs. Your proposal sounds great to me. I can share my story or reflect on anything connected with Universal laws. I can send my story through email or we can talk together.
    All the best,

  3. Hi Terrie! Not sure exactly how you came into my life, although we both know I was seeking it. I believe, however that it was last year, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was reaching out to anyone and anything that would help me get through it. I was introduced years ago to “The Secret” and was extremely excited as I have always been interested in metaphysics. I have always felt that I have a “gift” but am afraid of the “power” of it. I wish I knew how to put this “power” into practice, especially to help others. I love SIGNS and have numerous stories of many of them in my life. Your message today is one to me as, before I opened my email, I had just made a short “to do” list and one of the items is to search for a book to present my son for his 21st birthday. I had a BIG SMILE on my face when I saw your reference to “The Secret” because when he was much younger, he used to ask me to read this book to him. Can’t think of a better choice then to present him with his own copy. Next year, perhaps I can present him with a copy of yours. Maybe a thought or idea I have will even be included in it. Wow! I’m excited to help. Thanks again!

    • Cindy,
      You know that we attracted one another! That’s how things work. When a need is there, if we put ourselves in that positive, accepting mode AND we ASK, the Universe presents your gift almost on a silver platter. I’m so glad that you responded and want to hear so much more of your journey through life and I would love also to hear about all the SIGNS in your life. Would you write me about the changes you’ve had in your life since applying what you’ve learned. I know this would help so many others especially those with breast cancer (or other cancers). How proud your son will be to see your story in this magical book!

  4. hi Terrie. Once I was so frustrated with “unexpected” events occuring I wanted to create an affirmation to prevent this. My first one was “I always know what I need to know.” Then, “oops” and changed to “I always know what I need to know WHEN I need to know it” Another “oops” and then came, “I always know what I need to know BEFORE I need to know it.” Then finally, “I always know what I need to know before I need to know it to ensure a life of permanent health, happiness and prosperity.. I enjoy peace and excitement as I choose and when I choose. I enjoy both work and play when I choose. I choose new friends and new experiences in perfect harmony.”
    This one begins to work immediately by insuring everything is quick and easy with only good surprises.
    Each day I write one of the sentences on a small card, stick it somewhere to remind me and use it at commercials, stop signs, red lights, waiting behind a school bus, etc. untill your brain fully accepts that the Christ in you has made a decision that your life is in and under your inner control. Amazing to feel the wonders that occur. Love and blessings.

    • Anne, This is perfect and just the type of thing I’m looking for! Thanks so much for sharing such a powerful and useful affirmation! You are terrific -as usual 🙂