Here’s Anne’s Thursday Night speech

As any of you who know Anne can imagine, she mesmerized the entire audience as she gave her talk, titled “Oops, What to do with what you get when you get what you didn’t mean to ask for”

Between this talk and her Friday afternoon talk for ministers (“How to avoid self-sabotage in your ministry”), Anne received tons of compliments and comments about how differently she teaches - how they had learned more in two lessons than in the entire conference, how she teaches metaphysics in such a different, practical way. Of course we all know that and that’s one very important reason that we love her so much. But this week, so many others got a glimpse of what, I think, we sometimes take for granted! We love you (and thank you) Anne!

Enjoy her talk. Especially listen to the end where she gives an exercise for everyone to do - help influence a positive change for our world.

I had a terrific time at INTA (and especially since I got to meet so many of our teleseminar buddies)

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