Home Sweet Home!

stick_figure_drawing_house_400_clr_9637Your life is like planning for a new home. There are particular steps you have to take in order to live comfortably with minimal to no problems. You don't just get some land, stick a tent on it and move in unless that's the style of life you're used to living and want.

You usually follow the following steps:

  • Obtain the property
  • Clear the land
  • Build the foundation
  • Build the remainder of the house
  • Furnish the house
  • Move in & start living

So how is your life like this process?

Think about it this way. Can you simply turn things over by thinking "ok, today I will change my beliefs and my life will be changed forever"? No, that's a start but you have to follow this "Home, Sweet Home" process to make the changes really take effect.

Obtain the Property: This is equivalent to obtaining the knowledge - that life can be different, understanding the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws. Additionally, this step involves making the decision that you want to change things.  Often times people will start to make changes without having a basic understanding that what's holding them back is not the Universe but their YOUnVerse - the beliefs and thoughts inside their minds. Therefore it's in their control - they are not subject to the happenings of the Universe.

Clear the Land: This is one of the most essential steps. If you were to start building your house without clearing the land (and without laying the foundation), you'd have floors that are bumpy and not straight. The stairs are not even. You can't stack things on top of one another. What a mess. The land has to have the trees removed (including the stumps and roots), rocks placed elsewhere and the land free of obstacles. You have to do the same.

This part may take the longest of all but once you do it, you've accelerated your path toward greatness. You examine your beliefs and determine which ones are limiting and which are the ones you still want to believe it. You look at your beliefs objectively (very difficult) and figure out who instilled them in you (parents, teachers, friends, clergy, media, etc).  Once you have determined where the beliefs came from, you can next evaluate whether or not they are still pertinent and whether or not you should continue to believe them.

Things change and evolve over the years. For instance, there are diseases that didn't have treatment or vaccines when I was a child but now do. Should I continue to believe these diseases are not treatable? Of course not. These are beliefs I need to dissolve and replace with new beliefs. Remember that a belief is just at thought you keep thinking over and over again.

You can change your beliefs in several ways - you can use denials, you can use affirmations with denials, you can use EFT, etc. custom_text_on_a_shelf_13626Simple analysis with your analytical mind won't do it although it will help. Beliefs are so embedded in your subconscious that you have to work not only on the cognitive function but also the emotional aspect.

Build the Foundation: Once your old beliefs have been identified and you've begun to remove them, you should replace them with the beliefs you choose to embrace at this point in your life. This is creating the foundation for your new life. This phase also consists of learning more about the Universal Laws so that you can understand what is happening in your life and why.

Build the Remainder of the House:  Continue with the structure and then the inner parts of the house proper. This is the continuation of above but the foundation is the most important because it will take the most stress as time goes on. But there are inner aspects of the house that have to be placed correctly and be of the material that's strong enough to spread the load. I look at this  as learning more than just the Law of Attraction. You can go a long way if you understand the Law of Attraction but you can see much greater and faster improvements if you deal with all the Universal Laws.

Furnish the House: Once you've put the foundation in place and it's sufficiently hardened so it will not break down with the earth settling or with minor disturbances (your belief systems have been examined and new beliefs identified and embedded in your brain), it's time to furnish the house. This is where you put your own individual tweaks on how you want things to happen in your life. I might want a recliner (one goal) and you want a sofa (a different goal) but our basic knowledge and belief systems are solid and definite. We both have an excellent understanding what goes into creating the life we want. We simply furnish the inside (and even the outside) differently.

Move in & Start Living: You've built the house on a solid foundation  (defining your beliefs and understanding where they came from and obtained a solid knowledge base in the Universal Laws), you've furnished the house the way you like it (defined your own personal goals) so now it's time to move in and start living. Make sure you continue on the path toward your goal but try not to succumb to clutter tendencies - don't collect thoughts and ideas and pile them one on top of another. Use what you have. You don't need to go get something else to help you achieve your goal. Live your life focusing on the new furnishings in your house, not on what I might have that you wish you had. Do not focus on lack! Your life will change completely if you follow this process.

Let us know how you're doing and what point in the process you're at.






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