Honoring David Johnson – Day #18 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You


See that gigantic smile? That's one of the most inspiring men I know. And for very simple reasons. He was the runner who made me feel most welcome when I was first thrust amongst this crazy group (sounds like I had no choice doesn't it...ha ha). But seriously, shy little me was shuffling (my version of running) down the trail and and this speedy guy kept passing me (he is a speed demon) and EVERY single time he did, he had such a big smile on his face and was so friendly and welcoming. He made me feel as if I belonged and was a part of the family already. Then as I got to know David more, I learned even more about him and he became even more inspirational to me.

He's done (hope I get this right) 3 years of at least 52 marathons a year (and I think he's going for much higher this year) and he's working full time as well. He's in his late 50s (hope he's not like a woman who doesn't want their age publicized..lol) and might just have turned 60 or be close to it (he's creeping up on me). That type of perseverance by itself is just amazing to me. I don't have that but would like to. 64085_533071323394533_1312266250_n

Then I found out they call him the Running Preacher but what I found more inspirational is that he's running for a cause. And he doesn't push it at all. He mentions it on his Facebook posts but doesn't come up and stick it in your face. So take a look at The Water Project and see if it's something you'd like to support. I did. And I love him for just caring enough to want people to recognize that his running means different things to different people.

David's face makes everyone light up because his smile and enthusiasm is only surpassed by his friendliness and caring for others. The day I ran the 50 miler he was there being so supportive and cheering me on - with support like that, there's no way you can quit. He makes you smile even when your legs hurt bunches. You know that with all his running his legs hurt a whole heck of a lot more than yours! You also never want to complain around him either. He is such a wonderful guy that I feel so blessed that I met him and have gotten to know him some. And hope that I can get to know him even more.

Thank you David for being such a selfless guy!


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3 thoughts on “Honoring David Johnson – Day #18 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

  1. Terrie, I couldn’t agree more! I’ve only had the pleasure of running a couple of races with David, but hope to run many more.

    • David, you are such a great guy I had to honor you. But I should have put in there (and meant to but the old memory is going) that you are the Driving Runner too! Glad you didn’t get a concussion from the hail last night.