Honoring Jim Edwards – Day #20 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

jimedwards How's this for coincidence - I picked Jims two days in a row. Must have something to do with San Antonio and our fettish for Jim's restaurants. Well, maybe not, maybe just coincidence.

Anyway, today's inspirational figure is Mr. Jim Edwards, one of the most well known Internet Marketing gurus there is. I first went to an Internet Marketing Bootcamp in 2006 when I was just starting Getting Unstuck, LLC (back when I had alot of time at work to actually experience life - certainly not like now - but that's another story - see "out of the office" section of this site).

At this workshop not only did I meet Dr. Jeanette Cates (an inspiration featured earlier this month), but I learned so much about how to get my business going and what I needed to do.  From that time on I have belonged to Jim's membership site "The Net Reporter" which has given me every piece of information that I've ever needed. Between Jim and Jeanette I have not needed anyone else to keep me going and keep me up to date.

I have taken almost every one of Jim's courses and purchased almost all of his products (some such as those involving off-line business are not up my alley but everything else he produces has helped me at least 10 fold). The primary thing I've missed out on is his annual Jim Boat cruise - my seasickness and vertigo keeps me from venturing out onto the high seas - yes, I was in the Navy but remember that back then they didn't allow women on ships so I was "safe" and therefore never got my sea legs). I would love to go on one of his cruises because I know they are jam packed with information.

Why is Jim such an inspiration? Well, he bills himself as the Webinar King but he really is the "Overdeliver King" which is something we all should be. You ALWAYS get so much more than your money's worth that you can't even accurately quantitate it. He has taught me the immense value of overdelivering for you folks.  That, by itself, is worth more than anything I've ever learned in my short business career (only 7 years).

Jim is also a very warm and loving man. He doesn't want you to see that hidden under his sometimes gruff exterior but there is a heart bigger than most inside that wonderful guy. He do almost anything for anyone who asked him. He's been taken advantage of I'm sure because of his generosity. He personifies giving, though and anyone who watches him for any length of time will see that in his every word and every action. But you have to look closely or you'll miss it.

Jim has been one of the two anchors I've had in the 7 years I've been cultivating Getting Unstuck, LLC. He has provided support and guidance to a greater degree than anyone else I know (other than Dr. Cates). Without those two I would not be writing these daily posts at all - and I'd be miserable because I wouldn't have a method to convey what I want to give to the world.  Jim has helped me define my goal and then know how to pursue it. And in that, he has been kind, gentle and supportive - all the while knowing when he can kick you in the butt to make you get something done!

What a wonderful man and how lucky we are to have him in the Internet Marketing world. Thank you Jim!


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