Honoring Reba McEntire – Day #17 – Honor Someone Who Has Inspired You

220px-RebaMcEntireApr10Oops I skipped a day because of this "cold" I have. Sorry. But picking right back up where I left off. Today will be short because I have to go to work very very soon. But I wanted to let you know that I think that Reba McEntire is one of THE most inspiring people in the world.

She's successful but it's why she's successful that impresses and inspires me, not just that she IS successful. She has the most amazing work ethic of anyone I know. I don't think she ever takes a day off. To have such longevity as a great country singer by itself is amazing. You see and hear of all these one or two hit wonders and that's really nice for them and they last on tour a few years but to do this over and over and over again for all the years (she made her first record recording in 1976 I believe) and continue to be successful with every single release she does is beyond belief. There are only a few legends that that happens to. And you know it requires perseverance and marked dedication. You just have to go on no matter what. You can't cancel a show just because you have a cold - although I don't know how you sing like she does if you have a cold - truly amazing to me. And you know what else - each release has to be hit -or you don't go on - the music industry and fans are fickle - if they don't like a song, you can go down the tubes. But Reba's songs are masterpieces.

I saw her in concert in DC one time and aside from being blown away by her multiple costume changes during one show (I still don't know how she did that so quickly and so perfectly) she hit a high note in one song and it's the one and only time in my life I felt like my brain was going to explode from the perfect very high note. It made a very lasting impression on me. It also represented the immense power that Reba has despite her diminutive nature.

But she hasn't just stuck to singing. She's done a Broadway show - where, once again, you have to show up every single night no matter what. That takes dedication - there's no "well I really need a day off" or "I just don't feel like it tonight" - those are not even phrases in her vocabulary.

Then to top all that off she has her own TV show. Each of these things requires different talents and different requirements in your work habits.

Do you have this much work ethic? I don't but when I think of Reba I stop feeling bad (or even stop feeling sorry for myself) and just think about what I need to be doing to move things along. She wasn't "born into" success - she made it and fought for it! I want to be like Reba when I grow up!


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