How Do You Handle Adversity?

adversity2When adversity comes your way, you have choices. "What?" you say "What choices are there. I'd pick no adversity but it's too late."

Sure, that's the ideal - to not have adversity in our lives but when it does come what you do with it, how you handle it can be more valuable than any lottery winning you could dream of. No, I'm not smoking dope. I'm serious.

What you learn, how you act will shape you for the rest of your life. It will give you support and foundation for handling what else might come in your life. You want to make the most of it.

It's difficult to experience the adversity and it's often more difficult to watch someone you care about go through adversity but there are definitely things to learn from these experiences.

So what are your choices? You can send the invites to your pity party and see who will come to join you in the "festivities" (and for how long - that's the key and what are these folks bringing to the table in terms of your growth and health).

Your other choice is to learn the most from the experience. Go inside yourself, start a journal, ask yourself - "what am I supposed to learn from this?" or even "What can I learn?".

Remember the phrase "What you resist, persists!" I think this is a very important phrase to continually remember. Stop resisting what's staring you in the face. Embrace it - it's here so your choices are to resist it or to embrace it. It will last a much longer time if you resist it and who wants that. The more you fight something, the more it fights back. Then you have to expend more energy to try to even keep it at bay.

If you embrace the adversity, make the most of it, perhaps change your course for a bit, it will simply run its course and then pass as it's supposed to.

If you are experiencing financial issues, maybe you're supposed to learn more about the Law of Attraction (I will be saying that about everything because learning about the Law of Attraction and how to use it to improve your life is a goal you should hold high). This means that you have to focus on what you believe, not what you don't want or what you think you're supposed to want. You have to examine your beliefs and see what brought you to that point. Then you can work on changing those beliefs in accordance with where you really want to be. Don't wallow in debt and "poor me". Pick yourself up by the bootstraps, look around you and see how you might be able to get out of that hole and start bringing abundance and prosperity (of all types, not just financial) to you. Who are you meeting along the way? What gifts do these people have to offer you? Even more importantly, what gifts do you have to give them? Is there someone in your surroundings now that might need your help? I don't mean financial help. I mean just being there, being supportive, listening to them, caring about them, etc. Remember the posts about how you make someone feel is what they will remember about you. Maybe you are to discover a group of people you're supposed to work to support when you get out of that rut. You might be making life long friendships. Wouldn't it be great if you could actually help/influence someone to change their life, to embrace the Law of Attraction and understand it to change their life? How would that make you feel? I could go on and on but you get the idea. There is so much good that really can come from embracing the financial adversity.

Perhaps your adversity is in the health arena. What is the health issue trying to get you to see about yourself or your surroundings? Is there something in adversityyour  life that you need to change? Are you working too hard? Under too much stress? In a toxic environment? Not able to give enough time to those who love you? Is this problem trying to get you to slow down or stop doing what you're doing in excess and smell the roses as they say? Maybe this health challenge is trying to get you to expand your horizons or change what you focus on the most. You can sit there and bemoan how bad you feel or how you can't do what you really want to do --- or you can sit there and say "ok, I can't do x, y, z which I really love. But there are other things in life that I can do. What am I supposed to be paying attention to?" Perhaps you should read more, sleep more, write more, engage with others (family or friends) more.....Your health is telling you to slow down and reassess. When we're going 100 miles an hour we don't take the time to even think about where we are or where we're going. Perhaps we should be trying to figure out what others are experiencing multiplied many times over. As I've told people before, I'm very glad I smoked, was very overweight and have epilepsy - why? Because as a physician I understand my patients a great deal more and can help them deal with some of these problems in a different way than those who just read about it in a book. The more we experience in life, the more we can reach out to help others and really identify with them - what do they say "walk a mile in my shoes". This is the Universe's way of helping you get in those shoes.

Maybe the overriding lesson in whatever adversity you come across is to teach you that it's ok and human to ask for help. I know that's a difficult lesson for me but one that adversity has recently taught me.

Remember, most of all, though, that we have attracted this adversity. That's so hard for people to accept but it's true. Just as you can work with the Law of Attraction to bring you great things, the negative things are brought to us by that same Law of Attraction. The most important lesson in adversity is to dig deep and find out what beliefs are in you that have caused you to be on the vibrational plane to draw this to you. That's the thing you should always be working with as well as trying to figure out what other lessons there are in this adversity.

Take a look at what's happened in your life and see what you can come up with.


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