How The Heck Did We Get To Where We Are Today?

confusionAlthough not "required" to effect change in your life, it helps to figure out how we got where we are today. Why? Because we got here by virtue of our deep beliefs, our thoughts and words that the Universe hears as desires - and as it always does, it brings what you have asked for.

If you have repeatedly felt people with money are greedy and not to be trusted, then you will likely not become one of them because you don't want to be seen as greedy and untrustworthy.

It's really helpful to examine where you are right now and what you think got you there. For example, things were going very well but then there were three months that everything got turned upside down. It seemed like it happened all of a sudden and I couldn't figure it out. Finally it had gone on long enough that I decided to look at what led up to those times.

Lo and behold it was my negative beliefs and thoughts that had been creeping into my mind more and more and because it was a gradual process and was evolving like ivy does. Slowly but surely and then you wonder where it had all come from. It was very obvious after I had looked at it all. I saw how it all unfolded and came together. And it was in all areas of my life. See how easily things can happen to you when you're not being vigilant at all times. Because we're always working through and against the past and our past we have to be attentive to our thoughts and words.

Even though it might be painful and in some ways discouraging, it's important to see if you can determine how you got to this point. Of course it's also important to be working simultaneously on how you want to fix it and change your circumstances. And although you don't have to look at the path you took to get here, it will be very helpful in either deterring it in the future or at least aborting it as early as you can once you recognize that things aren't going so great. We also have to remember to track how much we're telling stories about how bad things are. Telling our friends and family over and over again brings things to pass.

I use my calendar program as a diary too ( I just happened to find an excellent program that allows me to do both) so I can go back and see what's happened when and if I'm savvy enough, then I'll be able to see the progression of thoughts and feelings.

See if there's something you can look at now and figure out how you got there. Let us know in the comment section. I think it will make a difference in your ability to change from now on.


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    • Jerry,
      you are so right..and no matter how much that mirror is cleaned, it always still seems dirty…ha ha